Flash Command line compiler soon

I am going to release a Flash Command line compiler that I built a while ago. It works with Flash MX 2004, and uses the extensibility layer. I just need to test a few things and make sure it still works. Assuming no major issues, I will release it in a couple of days.

Couple of notes:

  • Written in C#, which means it is Windows only.
  • Written by me on my own time, which means that it is use at your own risk.

Here is the usage information:

FlashCommand.exe -e | -c [-q] [-v] [-x] [-q] (-s ) ([-l] []) ([-o] ) ([-f] ) ([-t] )-version : Prints out information about the program.-help | Prints out usage information.-e : Specifies export action.-c : Specifies save and compact action.-l : Specifies whether output should be logged to a file. Optional. Takes an optional param specifying the path to the log file. If not specified, log files will be place in \log-q : Specifies quite mode. Optional. If specified, no output will be written to console (although it may still be logged).-v : Specifies verbose mode.-d : Specifies temp directory that will be used for temporary file.-s : Specifies source files. Required.-o : Specifies the output file if -e flag is also set. Optional. If not specifies, file will be output to same directory as source.-x : Specifies whether Flash should be closed after it is done processing. Optional.-k : Specifies whether the temp jsfl file should be deleted. Optional.-f : Specifies Flash executable path. Optional.-t : Specifies timeout value. Optional-d : Specifies temp directory. Optional.

20 Responses to Flash Command line compiler soon

  1. Lar says:

    Generator lives on, within Flash MX04

  2. sounds cool. won’t the developer also have to have the current .net framework installed?

  3. happy-happy-joy-joy 🙂

  4. @bradon: yeah .NET framework required.

  5. Butt Sparkler says:

    You guys are focusing on the wrong stuff.What about bug fixes for MX 2004? Image support in textfields is pitiful! Compile times are slow! Bugs still linger from FlashMX, HTML support isn’t nearly 1.0. CSS is garbage, just a wrapper for TextFormat. What about documentation? I’m sure as hell not going to buy any books you try to promote as replacements.I basically paid $300 for a spell checker (AS2 ‘compiler’) that runs a little faster than the previous version. Get it together!But no, you guys realized that we would be upset and quickly came out with Central to push focus away from the problems at hand. With this kind of attitude and support, Flash will never be able to compete on the desktop!-Butt

  6. I have the CLR installed on my Mac and it can run managed executables so I’d be interested in testing the compiler on a Mac… 🙂

  7. Guess your running Rotor for the Mac sean?With a fair number of platforms covered between Rotor/Mono and P.NET I bet that you could run this program on any platform that Flash MX 2004 can run on not just windows :)Next question, how about releasing the source?

  8. mike chambers says:

    >But no, you guys realized that we would be upset and quickly came out with Central to push focus away from the problems at hand.The Central and Flash team are seperate. We have been working on Central for quite some time (over a year),This is something that I put together on my own time during the beta.mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  9. mike chambers says:

    It access the windows registry, but I may have made it where you can over ride that from the command line.Anyways, if I didn’t i dont think it will work on mac.mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  10. Butt,Mesh did this in his SPARE time, kind of like a pet project. I’m sure Macromedia have noted our concerns and issues, its not like they choose NOT to rush out and update all our IDE’s etc, its just a matter of resource allocation, funding and time. Back off a little eh?Mesh: Does this need to have the FLASH IDE open at all? (i take it it doesn’t but will ask to be sure).

  11. mike chambers says:

    >Does this need to have the FLASH IDE open at all? (i take it it doesn’t but will ask to be sure).If it is not open, it will open it. If it is open, it will use the open one.mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  12. Butt Sparkler says:

    Is that all you have to say for yourselves?Mesh, Maybe you should be using your spare time to help improve your products? I don’t doubt that you have been working on Central for a long time, but that hardly dissputes the fact that the release of Central comes at perfect time for MM to avoid dealing with Flash’s problems. You didn’t address any of my concerns, bravo! I take it from your silence that you must agree with me then.Scott, My comment is not particularly pointed at what Mesh does in his spare time. It’s about MM not caring about it’s users. Btw, how do know what MM’s intentions are? Do you work for them? Weren’t you just posting on your blog about some bugs and features you wanted? A matter of resources, funding and time? Well as Mesh pointed out, Flash has it’s own separate team and they had over 18 months! I don’t buy that crap.And what do we get as users? Product activation and no documentation. Instead of wasting their time with JSFL, They should have concentrated on empowering developers, and fixing bugs. It’s no wonder MM’s share price fell by 33% today. Obviously I’m not the only that’s not impressed.-Butt

  13. Windows registry access would limit it to windows, no biggie though if you release the source it could soon be adapted to run with Mono/P.NET/Rotor etc.

  14. JB says:

    ————————————-I basically paid $300 for a spell checker (AS2 ‘compiler’) that runs a little faster than the previous version.————————————-Why did you bother buying it Butt? Why didn’t you read the feature list and think to yourself, na, that’s not worth $300 to me.Then you wouldn’t be here whining.Instead you too might be making useful things to help your fellow programmers too.

  15. Butt Sparkler says:

    Oh gee, MM forgot to list all the bugs they didn’t fix or that fact it was going to be slow or lack documentation.I’m glad you are willing to shell out $300 for an upgrade and can be perfectly happy with the crap you get. God forbid someone is unhappy with a purchase.Instead of attacking me, how about responding to just a single one of my points?And don’t think I see right through you JB. I’m well aware of MM employees using aliases to defend themselves and take stabs at others. Is it you Mike? or did you go and get John Dowdell’s help on this one?-Butt

  16. Lar says:

    Butt,Think you need to lay off Mesh. As he said in his spare time he made this available for the rest of us. Piss him off and we all lose out on the cool stuff he creates.If you are so sour on the new release in lieu of throwing out barbs and spewing discontent do something about, work with MM and resolve the bugs. Now I agree with you that there are some issues with the new Flash, to be expected and I also see where you are going with the release of Central at the same time. That said I think that MM is spread out and will need time to make the necessary corrections.Maybe you read about the Flash update on the horizon, that hopefully will resolve some of the major issues. Anyway give Mesh a break.

  17. Ovi says:

    Mike,Any chance to come up with a standalone compiler, one that doesn’t require the IDE at all ?Thanks,Ovi

  18. I’ve actually seen an early version of this, and it totally rocks. It is a real godsend if you use an external editor. No small feat either, must be said…Thanks Mike

  19. Ali Mills says:

    Sounds like a nice piece of software. How is it different from http://ohwhen.typepad.com/mx_traveller/2003/09/flash_mx2_tool_.html? Is it that your software offers more flag options?Thanks.Ali

  20. camping trip says:

    I think its a very interesting feature