Flash Command line compiler soon

I am going to release a Flash Command line compiler that I built a while ago. It works with Flash MX 2004, and uses the extensibility layer. I just need to test a few things and make sure it still works. Assuming no major issues, I will release it in a couple of days.

Couple of notes:

  • Written in C#, which means it is Windows only.
  • Written by me on my own time, which means that it is use at your own risk.

Here is the usage information:

FlashCommand.exe -e | -c [-q] [-v] [-x] [-q] (-s ) ([-l] []) ([-o] ) ([-f] ) ([-t] )-version : Prints out information about the program.-help | Prints out usage information.-e : Specifies export action.-c : Specifies save and compact action.-l : Specifies whether output should be logged to a file. Optional. Takes an optional param specifying the path to the log file. If not specified, log files will be place in \log-q : Specifies quite mode. Optional. If specified, no output will be written to console (although it may still be logged).-v : Specifies verbose mode.-d : Specifies temp directory that will be used for temporary file.-s : Specifies source files. Required.-o : Specifies the output file if -e flag is also set. Optional. If not specifies, file will be output to same directory as source.-x : Specifies whether Flash should be closed after it is done processing. Optional.-k : Specifies whether the temp jsfl file should be deleted. Optional.-f : Specifies Flash executable path. Optional.-t : Specifies timeout value. Optional-d : Specifies temp directory. Optional.