Macromedia Central SDK Beta FAQ

I have put together a FAQ for the Central Developer (SDK) Beta. This will eventually be posted on our website, but I am posting this here to get the info out as quickly as possible.



Whatis the Macromedia Central Public Developer Beta?


TheMacromedia Central PublicDeveloper Beta is a public beta of the Macromedia Central Software DevelopmentKit (SDK). It is intended to give developers a chance to begin learning aboutdeveloping applications within Macromedia Central.



Whatdoes the SDK contain?


TheSDK contains API and component documentation, sample applications, developmentand deployment utilities and other resources to help developers develop anddeploy applications for Macromedia Central.



Whereare the release notes for the SDK?


Therelease notes for the SDK are contained within the SDK download.



Doesthe beta include Macromedia Central?


Thedeveloper beta does not include Macromedia Central. A public beta of MacromediaCentral is available for install from


Ifound an error in the SDK, where do I report it?


Youcan send any errors, feedback or other suggestions about the SDK and MacromediaCentral on the Macromedia Central Feedback Page (;



Wherecan I find more information about Macromedia Central?


Youcan find a list of Macromedia Central Resources in the MacromediaCentral Resources page.


Arethere non-English versions of the SDK available?

No.The initial release of Central and the Central SDK will be English only. Weplan to add support for localized versions in 2004.


Wherecan I talk to other developers about the SDK?

Thereare a number of community forums / mailing lists dedicated to Macromedia Central:


Ifmy client wants to contact Macromedia with a business proposal  (co-branding,etc), who should they contact?

Youcan contact Mike Chambers at





TheComponents documentation discuss an MDialogBox component, but I can’t find it.Is this a bug?

TheMDialogBox component is a component for create modal dialog boxes. It is notincluded in the SDK but it will be available in the final version of Centraland the SDK.


Whywon’t the Central components work when I test my application within the Flashauthoring environment?


TheMacromedia Central components are actually contained within a shared librarylinked from (and installed into Central). This leads to smallerapplication download sizes, as well as ensure that applications always run withthe latest version of the components.


However,because of how Macromedia Flash handles shared libraries, then cannot be viewedwithin the authoring environment’s player. You must test your application withinMacromedia Central in order to test the components.



CanI used Flash MX 2004 to develop applications for Macromedia Central?

Yes.Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX 2004 Pro can both be used to develop applicationsfor Macromedia Central. Just be sure to set them to publish as Flash 6 formatin File > Publish Settings.


Howdo I test my Macromedia Central Applications?


Becausethey utilize APIs available within the Macromedia Central environment, Centralapplications must be tested within Macromedia Central. You can use the debugtools included with the SDK to debug the applications as they run within Central.

Youcan find more information on the development process for Macromedia Centralin chapter 1 of the Developing Applications PDF on the SDKand in this quick-startguide.



DoI need to reinstall my application to test it each time I make a change?


No.You only need to install your application into Central for testing once. Afterthat, you can set the Flash Authoring environment to publish directly into theCentral environment. You can find more information on how to set this up inchapter 1 of the Developing Applications PDF on the SDKand in this quick-startguide.

Howdo I debug my application? Can I use trace()?

Yes.Central has support for catching trace() calls within an application, and redirectingthem to the Central debug panels included within the SDK. Currently though,you must include the following link of ActionScript within your application:

debug.enabled= true;

inorder to enable debugging. This step will not be necessary in the final versionof Central. You can find more information on the testing and debugging processin chapter 1 of the Developing Applications PDF on the SDKand in this quick-startguide.



TheSDK mentions that I need to get a product id in order to install my applicationwithin Macromedia Central. Where do I get a product id?


Youcan get a product ID for your application from


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