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New Central Website :

I just noticed that there is a new Central community site this morning. just starting to ramp up, but has already listed a couple of apps.

You can view the site here.

Central SDK Beta Release Notes

The releases notes for the Central SDK beta are included within the SDK zip file. I am posting them here for easier reference.

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Macromedia Central SDK Beta FAQ

I have put together a FAQ for the Central Developer (SDK) Beta. This will eventually be posted on our website, but I am posting this here to get the info out as quickly as possible.

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Central Development Quick Start Guide

I have put together a quick, step by step guide to getting started with application development for Central.

Note that all page numbers refer to the Developing Central Applications pdf included on the SDK.

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Macromedia Central Category added to MXNA

We have added a new category dedicated to Macromedia Central to the Macromedia XML News Aggregator.

There are already quite a few feeds there, and with the release of the SDK beta today, you can expect there to be a lot of posts over the next couple of weeks.

You can view the Central section here.

Central Public Developer Beta (SDK) is Available

We have released the public developers beta . This beta includes a beta version of the Software Development Kit (SDK). It does not include a new version of Central.

Here are the relevant URLs:

SDK Beta

Feedback on SDK

Couple of Notes:

The release notes are included within the SDK. One item that was omitted
from the release notes is that the MDialogComponent is not included in the
SDK, although it is documented. It will be available in the final version of
Central and the SDK.

We have also made the beta weblog public. This contains a lot of good
information, although some of it might be out of date. If you find any
errors / out of date info, just post a comment in the comment section for
the item and I will fix it.

Finally, we have created a public mailing list for discussing development for
Macromedia Central. You can join the list at:

I will post a step by step guide to getting started shortly. In the mean time, check out Chapter 1 of the the Developing Central Apps PDF included on the SDK.

Macromedia Central Mailing List

I have created a new mailing list for discussing the ins and outs of developing applications for Macromedia Central.

You can find more info about the list, as well as subscribe to it here.

Central Community Updates

Wow. Lots of stuff going on in the Central community the past couple of days. First of all, a new Central community site has launched. already has a ton of information and news, and has plans for tutorials and forums.

Geoffrey Williams released a beta of his Amazon application. This is a very advanced app and you should definitely check it out. You can see screenshots here and here.

Finally, Mike Lyda release a Central application called FiRe, which is a find and replace utility. Check out the page as he has some good information on how he developed the app.

I expect that we will see a lot more of this type of stuff once we release the SDK. Stay tuned.

Central Developer Chat Today

We are going to have a chat today in the Central Developer Chat application. It will be today at 11:30 am pst (I think that is -8 utc). It will be around 30 minutes, with the first 20 minutes focused on feedback on Central, and the last 20 minutes general QA.

You can find more information on the chat here. You can install it from the Install Badge on the right.

Flash MX 2004 Data Binding Tutorial

I just noticed that Vera Fleischer (Macromedia’s own Flash Goddess) has posted a very thorough tutorial on data binding in Flash MX 2004.

You can read the entire tutorial here.