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Lucian Beebe on Flash MX 2004 and Central

Community MX has an interview up with Lucian Bebee, the Flash product manager. Lots of topics are covered including Macromedia Central, Flash Remoting, Royale, and of course, Flash MX 2004.

You can read the entire interview here.

Speaking at SF User Group Meeting

I’ll be speaking tomorrow night at the San Francisco Macromedia User group meeting. I will be showing Macromedia Central and Flash 2004 and answering any questions thrown at me.

I will also be brining a couple of DRKs to give away.

Josh Ulm from ioresearch will also be speaking, so it is definitely worth checking out.

The meeting is tomorrow night, 7 pm PST at the Macromedia HQ. You can find more info, including directions at the SFMMUF site.

Computer Crash

Well, my HD died this morning and I haven’t been able to recover anything yet. I am on a longer power book (thanks dc!) and using webmail, so it might take me a while to respond to any emails.

I did loose a lot of emails, so if you have emailed me something important the last couple of days and have not heard back from me, please re-send it.

Central Chat Update 2 / New Server

We started to hit connection limits today for the chat, so we have moved it to a new server that does not have any limits.

You will have to reinstall the app from the badge (updating from within Central will not work).

Just click the install badge on the right, and start chatting away (make sure to check out the video pods).

Central Chat Update

Well the Central Chat has been a lot more popular than I expected. Tons of people in it everyday, including a bunch of people from the Central Team.

We have been adding new features daily? Some of the highlights include video pods (thanks Peldi), and screen resizing (thanks Kevin).

We had about 6 or 7 video feeds going today, with about 3 or 4 from the Central Team offices.

Click the installation badge on the left to install the chat, or if you have already installed it, open it and check for updates (Central Dev Chat > Check for Updates).

We are always looking for new features to add, so if you have any suggestions post them in the chat or here.

Macromedia Central at the MAX Conference

We have recently updated some of the sessions about Macromedia Central for the Macromedia MAX Conference. Here is a list of all of the Central related sessions:

Or course, there are also keynotes, birds of a feature, etc… I am hoping to get some space where anyone interested in developing apps, learning about Central or just hanging around with other developers, can do so. There will be a lot of people from the Central team at the conference, so it is a good chance to get a crash course in Central from the people who made it.

The conference is November 18 – 21, in Salt Lake City. You can find more info here.