New Version of Central Info

A couple of people have noticed that there is a new version of Central available, but have run into some issues with it.

Well, here are the solutions:

DevChat won’t install. Beta product ids will not work in the final version of Central. The current version of DevChat has a beta product id, which is why it won’t install in the new version.

You can install it with a different product.xml file that works by:

1. Open Central
2. File > Install from URL
3. Enter this URL :

We will have a new version of the chat in the next couple of days that will fix this issue. If you have an existing app that has a beta product id, you can get a new product id from:

You can find a complete technote on this issue here.

Blog Reader is not installed in the update. When Central updates itself, it cannot install new applications. Since the beta did not contain the blog reader application, it is not installed when Central does an auto-update.

There are two solutions. Uninstall Central, and then reinstall it. Or, wait a couple of hours, and you will be able to install the blog reader from the app finder.

Central is not prompting to update. That is the expected behavior. Central checks for updates periodically (I think it is every couple of days), and thus everyone won’t be prompted to update. You can manually get Central to check for updates by:

1. Opening Central
2. View > Preferences
3. General Tab
4. Click the Check Now Button.

Sorry for the confusion. I meant to post this information before the new version was out, but a combination of factors prevented that. I will be posting a lot more information shortly.

6 Responses to New Version of Central Info

  1. patrick says:

    I’ve been having the problem lately of the Dev Chat taking a REALLY long time to log on? Is this a common problem? Or just me? I’ve tested it on several different internet connections, but not different computers.

  2. yeah. i’m having the same problem.

  3. mike chambers says:

    hi. Yes. THis issue occurs when the port to the chat is blocked. In that case, the Flash player tries different ports, and this takes a long time.We may have a fix for this, so expect things to improve with the next version (coming soon).mike

  4. I’m having trouble with the new product ID. Even though I got a new one, and updataed my product.xml, I’m still getting the invalid product ID notice.

  5. Brude says:

    I get some wierd stuff when I try to install from URL inside Central. Fist off, it opens a whole new window but it lacks the top application ‘tabs’ as well as anything else. The 2nd time I try to ‘install from url’ nothing happens.I’ve tried closing the application window. I tried closing central all together. I don’t want to try to reinstall, I shouldn’t have to do that.Do you have any idea why this is happening? I know you’ll probably need more info, feel free to email me.

  6. Pussy Cat says:

    Well, after I heard about all the problems with new version, I remained with my current Central’s version. It’s sufficient for me anyway, so I don’t see a problem fortunately.