New Version of DevChat in 1 Week

FYI, I will be releasing a new version of the Central DevChat a week from Monday (i.e. December 1).

Lots of new features including a new look, connections moved to an agent, support for blast, new commands, and much more.

4 Responses to New Version of DevChat in 1 Week

  1. ErikG says:

    Two suggestions (you may have already done these for the new update, I dunno):1) Ability to change your nickname on the fly like IRC… /nick newnickname2) Timestamp format updated to always have the format be the same width, I am getting the timestamp having single digit numbers, which make the width off compared to the other timestamps. Example: (17:27:8) vs (17:28:45). So add a zero making 8 display as 08

  2. And how about the ability to show / hide timestamps on the fly. That’d be nice…

  3. mike chambers says:

    I have fixed the timestamp formatting issue.Youc an already turn them on and off in the preferences.mike