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Central Birds of a Feature

Just a quick reminder, we will be having a Central Birds of a feature tonight at the MAX conference, at 6pm, in Room 151 A. It is basically an open discussion / Q and A on any and everything about Central.

See you there.

2 New Application Showcases / Case Studies

I just noticed that we have released two new case studies on a couple of Central Applications:

There is some good information on the business decisions made for those applications.

Central Developer Release

Wow! Things have been crazy the past couple of weeks. There have been a ton of announcements coming out of Max. I am too tired right now to list all of them, or point out the ton of new Central related content on the website, but I did want to point that we have released the “Developer Release” of Central today.

What exactly is the Developer Release, and what does it mean? The Developer Release means that Central is ready for developers to start making applications. The API is stable and the SDK is complete. The licenses are final, and you can get all of the license types (including try / buy).

In a word, it means “GO!”.

I will post more info on all of the news in the morning. I think I should sleep now. In the meantime, check out which is keeping up with all of the latest news and announcements.

Site of the Day : Max Central Application

Congratulations to Eric Dolecki for getting site of the day on Wednesday for the Central application that he put together for the Max conference.

I have been amazed by how many people I have seen using it at the conferences today, and after we updated the news, I must have had ten people come up to me at tell me “It told me there was new news!”.

Congrats Eric. Great job.

Problems logging into DevChat?

A lot of people have been telling me they have been having problems logging into DevChat lately. I have also noticed this and we finally figured out what the problem was. The server was moved recently, and it looks like they are blocking some FlashCom ports. Because of this, the Flash Player has to loops through trying to find a port that it can connect on (which ends up taking a long time).

We will release a new version of the chat soon that fixes this problem, but in the meantime, if you wait long enough, it should eventually connect. Sorry for the hassle.

Session : Best Practices for Central Application Interface Design

Kevin Hoyt has a great summary of Kevin Lynch’s and Josh Ulm Central session titled “Best Practices for Central Application Interface Design“.

You can read the entire overview here.

My MAX Session has Changed / Now about AOL – Central SDK

Juts a quick FYI, my session title at MAX has changed to:

Developing with the AOL Presence API in Macromedia Central

And now, Ray Ryan, the AOL engineer who is building the SDK, is also presenting, showing a bunch of demos and codes / examples.

Here are the remaining Session Times:

  • Thursday, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
  • Friday, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Btw, we will be giving out copies of the Central Developer Reference Poster at all of the Central sessions, so stop by if you would like one.

Central Developer Playground

The Central Team is hosting a developer get together tonight at the Marriott hotel (across from the conference center). There will be pizza, beer, video games (ps2 and xbox), Internet, programming, chatting and general hanging out. Members of the Central team will be there, as well as members of the Flash engineering team, and some of the engineers from AOL.

The session is Wednesday night (tonight) from 7:30 pm to 1am in the Deer Valley room of the Marriott (across from the conference center).

Everyone is invited.

New Version of Central Info

A couple of people have noticed that there is a new version of Central available, but have run into some issues with it.

Well, here are the solutions:

DevChat won’t install. Beta product ids will not work in the final version of Central. The current version of DevChat has a beta product id, which is why it won’t install in the new version.

You can install it with a different product.xml file that works by:

1. Open Central
2. File > Install from URL
3. Enter this URL :

We will have a new version of the chat in the next couple of days that will fix this issue. If you have an existing app that has a beta product id, you can get a new product id from:

You can find a complete technote on this issue here.

Blog Reader is not installed in the update. When Central updates itself, it cannot install new applications. Since the beta did not contain the blog reader application, it is not installed when Central does an auto-update.

There are two solutions. Uninstall Central, and then reinstall it. Or, wait a couple of hours, and you will be able to install the blog reader from the app finder.

Central is not prompting to update. That is the expected behavior. Central checks for updates periodically (I think it is every couple of days), and thus everyone won’t be prompted to update. You can manually get Central to check for updates by:

1. Opening Central
2. View > Preferences
3. General Tab
4. Click the Check Now Button.

Sorry for the confusion. I meant to post this information before the new version was out, but a combination of factors prevented that. I will be posting a lot more information shortly.

Pictures from MAX

I have uploaded some pictures from the Max conference to the vision site.


You can view them here.