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Greetings from Salt Lake City

I am finally in Salt Lake city for the Max conference. Unfortunately, I have a ton of work to do, so I have been holed up in my room all night.

Danny Dura and Christian Cantrell are also hanging around and we are working on some pretty cool stuff. More info soon.

I’ll be posting pictures on the Vision website that Christian made (hmm… that sure would make a good Central app… 😉 ).

MAX Conference Central Application

We have released a new Central application for the MAX conference. The app includes resources about the conference, including session information and descriptions, an interactive map of the venue, news and award info. You can also set it up to notify you when your sessions are about to begin.

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Keeping up with the MAX Conference –

Christian Cantrell has set up a site dedicated to aggregating all of the posts about the Macromedia MAX conference. There is already a ton of content, and it looks like this will be the place to keep up with everything going on the at the conference.

You can view the site at:

Flash 2004 Extensibility / JSFL Docs release

We have released the complete docs for the Flash MX 2004 extensibility layer. This allows you to script the authoring environment and create news tools, commands and extensions. I personally think this is the coolest and most useful feature of Flash, and I have already used it to create a command line compiler for the authoring environment.

There are a couple of extensions on DRK 5 which use the extensibility layer, and you can also see a list of third party extensions here.

You can view the docs on-line here.

Have you had a chance to play with the extensibility yet? If so, post your thoughts and / or links in the comments section.

Countdown to MAX : Buttons!

We will be giving out the cool Macromedia rune buttons at the MAX conference. We will have buttons for almost all of our product runes.

I know that buttons seem like a pretty small thing to point out in a countdown to the conference. Does it mean that there is not much going on? Nope. Maybe it means that there is a ton of stuff going on that I just can’t post about yet… 😉

See you next week at the conference.

Countdown to MAX : Central Poster (sneak)

We will be giving out some Central posters at the MAX conference. The posters are developer reference guides, and really look nice.

You can see a (small) sneak peak here:

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What info do you want to see in a Central FAQ?

The title pretty much says it all. What questions would you like answered in a Central FAQ? Post your suggestions in the comments.

Flash Enabled : In Korean

I just found out that a book I worked on Flash Enabled : Flash Design and Development for devices has been released in Korean.

Here is an image of the cover:

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Countdown to MAX : Central Developer’s Playground

One of the things that I am setting up for Macromedia MAX Conference next week is something that we are calling the “Central Developer’s Playground”. This is a chance for developers to get together, hang around, play video games (XBOX and PS2), listen to music, eat pizza, drink beer / coke, work on Central applications, ask questions and meet the Central team.

It will be pretty informal, so even if you are not planning on doing Central development anytime soon, you should still stop by to hang around and chat.

The get together is Wednesday night, from 7:30 pm to 1am. More details at the conference.

Countdown to MAX : Win an Tablet PC

Intel is giving away a Centrino powered table PC at the the Macromedia Max conference. The contest requires that developers answer questions about the Central related sessions at MAX (i.e. you will need to attend the Central sessions to get the answer to the questions).

You can sign up for the contest at the Intel booth at the conference. Here is the info from Intel:

Visit the Intel booth at the Macromedia MAX event and enter a contest to win a tablet PC featuring Intel® Centrino(tm) mobile technology. While at the booth, learn from Intel and other leading technology companies about the critical factors involved in developing mobilized software applications, including connectivity, power/performance management, offline data management and deployment across multiple platforms. Prize drawing is open only to the attendees of the 2003 Macromedia MAX event in Salt Lake City, Utah. For complete contest rules and eligibility, please visit the Intel booth.

Good luck!