Site of the Day : Max Central Application

Congratulations to Eric Dolecki for getting site of the day on Wednesday for the Central application that he put together for the Max conference.

I have been amazed by how many people I have seen using it at the conferences today, and after we updated the news, I must have had ten people come up to me at tell me “It told me there was new news!”.

Congrats Eric. Great job.

3 Responses to Site of the Day : Max Central Application

  1. I think Eric did indeed a great job, however it feels kinda weird to see a Central app as a Site of the Day, especially when Central is announced as a crossover between a browser and a desktop-application ( best of both worlds ). Maybe it’s time for Macromedia to rethink about the categories for the Site of the Day ( Central app of the Day? who knows 🙂 )Anyway, good luck with the presos, have fun at MAX and keep us updated. 🙂

  2. Not for me. Does not install. Some weird error about going to or something (and that isn’t even a hyperlink).

  3. David Bisset says:

    Owen, not a bad idea – maybe that’s something we can incorporate into Although not enough apps right now to have a new one every day. Every week maybe?