Tip : Don’t Spill Coffee on your laptop

Well, early Thursday morning, I accidentally spilled an entire cup of coffee onto my laptop. The computer immediately shut off, and after a day of drying in front of a fan, it will still not start up.

So, if you have sent me an email in the past week or so, and haven’t received a reply yet, it might take a little longer.

Luckily, I had already ordered a new PowerBook last week (yes, I am finally make the switch), and thus should hopefully be back up and running soon. I should also be able to recover the data from the old hard drive, so I shouldnt loose any data (finders crossed).

Anyways, until then, I will use my trusty iMac (it’s so pretty!).

31 Responses to Tip : Don’t Spill Coffee on your laptop

  1. pete says:

    Mike – I feel for you buddy.I’ve gone one worse – orange juice. It’s gross – it did finaly dry out – but the keyboard was useless – all the keys we sticky !! yuck !

  2. chris pelsor says:

    I have one piece of advice: get a sippy cup!http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00004S1CT/qid=1070285946/sr=1-13/ref=sr_1_13/103-8356456-4859049?v=glance&s=kitchenI am incredibly clumsy, and this coffee cup has saved at least 3 of my computers from a similar fate. It is easily the best coffee cup ever invented. Why you ask? Well, if you look closely at the handle, you will see that it is on a hinge. The cup automatically seals when at rest, and when you squeeze the handle, it opens the drink hole. Well worth the $25…

  3. Dominick says:

    ohh noo. all the Central Player source code…. there goes the ocassionally connected model!

  4. paddy says:

    14 ounce coffee cups? that’s for losers who can’t stomach the caffeine. What you need is this:http://rocketman.com/1001%20Operating%20Manual.pdfStrap one of these babies on your back and you’re sorted!

  5. John Giotta says:

    Coffee, Soda, water, mustard, milk and beer.Coffee is easy to clean from components. Soda is the enemy… even milk if left for to long. Never encountered orange juice.You should have filled a sink up with water (distilled if you have it) soak your parts and then dab till dry. If you didn’t fry the components when you liquid shorted, it should be fine.I was a Broadcast News Engineer for nearly four years. Tons of coffee drinkers and tons of accidents.

  6. mike chambers says:

    Thanks for all of the comments.I tried to open the laptop to clean / dry the parts, but couldn’t get it open.I did dry it in front of a fan, but I am pretty sure that something shorted out when it got wet.mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  7. Mike, this is amazing. I did the same thing to my laptop last Tuesday with a cup of Pepsi. After I took it apart and cleaned everything up, it looked like it was going to be fine. Then it started turning itself off. Eventually, it wouldn’t even start up.I’m awaiting a repair on it now.

  8. Robert Hoekman Jr says:

    Congrats on making the switch to Mac. I haven’t tested this, but I believe they’re coffee-proof.I once spilled some iced tea on my Flash Player, and now data binding doesn’t work. Hmm …I’ll stop now. 😉

  9. mark says:

    Pepsi loves laptops. Laptops love Pepsi. 🙂

  10. Jordan Payne says:

    Hey,I work on PCs at work… and I’m one of those sad guys that tries to make his pc look like a mac os x clone… I love the look of the Mac OS so much that I am considering getting a new mac laptop with the panther OS installed – if/when it is available. I am concerned about software availability, and general issues with going to mac – sorry if this is off topic… any feedback would be great

  11. Mr. Jupiter says:

    I agree with the OJ, thats the worst to clean cause its so sticky. Once had someone on a plane spill a carton on my seat, with everything i had getting hit.

  12. christy says:

    i went out of room and left it on a friend was left with went i can back there was alot of water coving my key board. I inspiron 2200 laptop. now it won’t come on three four light come for about 40 seconds and that it. i know that the battery and hard drive ok my husband has the same laptop.what elso could it be and how can i fix it. its only 5 months.please help

  13. nyiddle says:

    I just spilled coffee all over my laptop, but it works fine.

  14. Tim says:

    The youth pastor at my church has (or had) an Inspiron 1100. He spilled Coke while holding it under his arm and splashed some in through the coolant system. He then tried to turn it on – bad idea. I looked at it and think it’s dead. After a good cleaning (5 hours with warm water, a magnifying glass, and a Qtip) I let it dry. I tried to power it up today. The fan kicks on and the HDD runs, but no display and the keyboard doesn’t seem to function. I’m afraid Soda of any kinda will kill a laptop. Any suggeestions for further action are greatly appreciated.Thanks

  15. TJ Fria says:

    I also spilled coffee on my laptop; seems to work fine, but the screen is very dark????Any suggestions.

  16. Bill says:

    Hey, ive recently spilt some water over my laptop, and its an old fosa 340S2, and the keyboards dont work…its fine, apart from that. Please help me…Any suggestions?

  17. Ruth says:

    I spilled a sugary soda drink on my laptop last night, I immediately turned it off, dried it and tipped.. then left it open overnight. This morning it started up fine, a little pink but everything seemed to work. Then when I was typing it began to smell like burning. something tells me this isn’t normal…..?

  18. Merry says:

    Just 10 minutes ago I spilt Diet Coke on my school laptop. My Dad tipped most of it out and we dried it with a drier. I found this site just now when I was googling to try and find something to help me! But the strange thing is (it’s a PC, but I do love macs, my whole family has one, and my next school computer we are not getting from the school, we are getting me the new Mac with the PC chip – I can’t wait!) that it’s on button is coloured like it normally is and some of the indicators that it is on are on but other than that it won’t start up. The screen is completely off and won’t turn on, but it says that it’s on. Strange much?

  19. Takiss says:

    I spilled a large cup of black coffe with a little sugar on my Acer’s quiet keyboard. I had the inspiration to unplug it from the mains the very next second and then tried to take it appart but couldn’t so I turned it on a side and left it to dry for days. Then powered it up. The keys felt sticky and noisy and the accent key ” ` ” was getting stuck from time to time in the middle of writting documents. Verry frustrasting! So I decided to either fix it or break it.I took a brush (painting brush) and got some medical alcohol. I litteraly soked the brush in spirit and push it properly through the gaps between the keys making sure all the keys where properly cleaned then left it to dry for a day.It worked like a charm and the keys work like new.Maybe I was lucky but it worked.

  20. Sean says:

    I spilled something on my laptop and it starts up but the keyboard is unresponsive, i was wondering if anyone can tell me is this a good sign like will i only have to buy a new laptop keyboard and the rest will be fine. I bought this thing for $2000 like a month and a half ago and im just hoping i only have to replace the keyboard for like $300 instead of losing $2000.

  21. girmay says:

    Sean, you should be fine with a new keyboard. It is not going to be cheep…but before you buy one, try plugging-in a normal desktop keyboard to your laptop to see if that make it to work. That way you know it is the keyboard that is the problem.I almost fried a new Toshiba that I bought about 2 months ago…I spilled a tall mug full of coffee right by the power supply…my monitor turned off but the hard drive was still working…within seconds, I turned-it-off, unplugged the power cord and the battery…then I turned the laptop upside-down so that the coffee can drip through the keyboard itself..This was on Saturday afternoon…I left it alone for the last 48 hrs…powered-it-on today..now it is as good as new.Pure luck. That was all. Spill is the number one laptop killer..not viruses or any other stuff.Good luckGirmayToronto

  22. rodoyf says:

    I spilled coffee on my laptop yesterday, I tried turning it on it wouldnt work yesterday, today I turned it on, and it worked after I cleaned it little bit.

  23. Lee says:

    I accidentally spilled milk on my laptop keybaord last night, i got as much of it as I could, unplugged everything and turned it over, shakingit trying to get as much as I could out of it. Now a few keys weren’t working last night, and this morning a few more weren’t working but the comp seems to be working fine.I tried taking certain keys off to clean underneath them to see if that would help and I ended up ripping the ‘5’ key off and now it wont’ go back on 🙁 My mom will kill me if I ruin this computer–I just bought this one last year. 🙁 HELP???

  24. Fred says:

    I’ve got a laptop that has had wine spilt on it and now doesn’t work. I’ve taken it apart and cleaned up the insides to no avail.Found a reasonably priced replacement motherboard for it. Do you think that would fix it or might something else be damaged/shorted as well?

  25. Carl says:

    Help!My kids must have spilt a small amount of juiuce or something on to my laptop keyboard… Only the QASXCZ12 keys don’t work… I can get some to to work by pounding on them but the other don’t work period. I have Dissassembeled the whole thing and am going to soak the Parts in Warm Distilled water for A few Hours and then dry them in the sun… Fingers crossed I hope this works. For the record I have had several cell phones that were dropped in water, mud, had coffee spilt on them, and various other conductive liquids… I saved all of them by immediatly pulling the battery off of them. Not even turning them off, that would take too long, just taking the battery off stops electrolysis!!!-Carl

  26. danny says:

    i did the red wine thing with my inspiron 9300 took it apart cleaned it with tissue then used a cotton bud then a hair dryer on warm setting was a lot of wine in there but its all good now.

  27. Roger says:

    How about running out the room in shock because the PS3 just sold for $10,000 on ebay… and then knocking over those IKEA meatballs with whitesauce…. SMELLS LIKE CRAP can’t get it out

  28. leighton burrows says:

    hiya all, well my girlfriend has split a tiny lil drink on her laptop by the mouse part and now for some reason certain keys dont work, can it be fixed, can u get a usb keyboard are they expensive.help anyone thanks

  29. Tinman says:

    I think I may have found something worse than OJ, Eggnogg. My friend had tried everything she could think of to get it (inspiron 5150) clean, but never could get it to turn on. When she gave it to me she mentioned that the fan still worked, so I tried turning it on with another monitor and sure enough everything worked fine except her monitor. So either we fix/replace that or the old laptop magically became a ultra thin desktop.

  30. michael says:

    Spilled a little coffee on the keyboard of my Toshiba Satellite laptop. I wiped it off with a damp cloth. Everything seemed fine, but now the keys act erratic. They cause the computer to execute commands (eg the “e” key sometimes sends the cursor to the address window) Sometimes the keys dont do anything and other times they do the wrong thing. The backspace works but will not do rapid backspace when I hold it down. There is no evidence of stickiness. It almost seems like the coffee caused a software problem – is that possible? I think all the hardware is functional. What the hell is happening? HELP!!!!