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Regular Expression Library

Digital Media Minute just posted a link to the Regular Expression Library which is a repository of Regular Expression expressions (currently with over 450 entries).

This is a useful resource if your are developing applications for Central, as Central has built in support for regular expressions. Of course, it is also useful if you are using one of the community developed Flash regular expression libraries.

You can view the website here.

You can find some more information on Regular Expressions in Central here and here.

Btw, we will be posting an extensive article on using Regular Expressions in Central on the DevNet center very soon.

Macromedia Central Survey

The Central Team is doing a survey and looking for input about Macromedia Central. Here is the info:

Undocumented Methods of the MDialogBox Component

I just noticed that we released a technote describing some undocumented methods of the MDialogBox component included with the Central SDK.

The updated methods include:

  • MDialogBox.doOpen()
  • MDialogBox.setIsModal()
  • MDialogBox.doClose()
  • MDialogBox.configureModalDialog()

You can read the entire technote here.

FYI, we are also writing a more extensive article for the Central DevNet center on how to use the component.

Central Regular Expression Examples

Christian Cantrell has posted a couple of examples showing how to use Central’s built in Regular Expression API.

Examples include matching:

  • A valid URL
  • The title tag from an HTML page
  • Alphanumeric Characters

You can view the entire post here.

If you have any other good Regular Expression recipies, post them at Christian’s weblog.

Storing references to _root for Central Applications

As you may or may not know you cannot reference _root or _level0 from applications running within Central. This is because the application is actually running within the Central controller which itself is built within Flash (thus _root does not reference your application’s _root).

Ted Patrick has posted some information and code snippets showing how to work around this issue if you need to reference the root of your application.

You can view the post here.

Central Trace Panel v1 for OS X

I have just uploaded the 1.0 version of the Stand-alone Central Trace Panel for Mac OS X. This is a wrapper for the Central Trace panel included on the Central SDK.


The Central Trace Panel includes the following features:

  • Ability to run the Panel outside of the Flash IDE.
  • Ability to set the panel to always be the top window.

You can download the application from here.

You can download the source from here.

You can download a windows version of the panel from here.

Note, this is something that I worked on as a personal project, and is not supported by Macromedia. Use at your own risk.

Thanks to Andrew Borovsky for the awesome icon.

New Central Articles : Notices & Accordion Tab

A couple of new articles have been posted to the Central Developer Center at

The first is an article that I wrote titled:

Using the Central Accordion Tab Component

which, as the title suggests, shows how to use the ever popular Accordion Tab component included on the Central SDK.

The second article is written by Ethan Malasky, and is titled:

Using Notices in Macromedia Central

This article discusses everything you need to know about using, sending and receiving notices in Macromedia Central.

So now you have something to read over the holidays.

Filtering Traces from Central with the Trace Panel

If you have used the Central trace panel, you may have noticed the “App Name Filter” text field in the bottom left of the panel. This is used to filter trace messages coming from Central so you only see messages coming from your application.

So, how do you use this? It is actually pretty simple.

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Sneak Peak : Using the Central Accordion Tab Component

I just finished an article on using the Central Accordion Tab component. It will be on the Central DevNet Center in a week, but I thought I would go ahead and give a sneak peak.

Below is an excerpt from the article that shows how to manage application views using the component. Note, that this has not been edited yet, so may contain typos, grammar mistakes or code errors. If you have any questions or run into any problems, post them in the comments.

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Standalone Central Trace Panel for OS X

I have created an OS X version of my stand-alone Central Trace Panel. This basically allows you to run the Central Trace / Debug panel outside of the Flash IDE.

Update (12/17/2003) : I have released version 1.0 of the Trace Panel. You can find more information about it here.