Central Install Issues Fixed

Some developers had reported that they were having problems installing Central. We think that we have fixed the issue (a web server configuration issue), and need to know if anyone is still having a problem.

So, if you could not install Central before, please try now (you can click the Dev Chat install to the right), and let us know if it worked.

If it doesn’t work, please post the info requested in the post.

4 Responses to Central Install Issues Fixed

  1. Ted Patrick says:

    On a WinXP machine that would never load Central, everything now installed and working perfectly. Nice fix. 😉

  2. alex burrows says:

    XP Pro, last update created problems, uninstalled (add/remove programs) and reinstalled using the dev chat badge on this page and still some problems:- My Applications screen components seemed to fail to initialize, no applications are listed despite having AccuWeather, MovieFinder, BlogReader and Dev Chat in the shortcut bar at the top.- Dev Chat: No context menus, no content in popup menu to left of input field. no content in popup menu for feed icon lower right corner.- MovieFinder: zip code prompt fails to render correctly, there is no place to enter zip code, or buttons to cancel/proceed the dialog.

  3. alex burrows says:

    Oh yeah and also:From the My Applications screen: if I click ‘update’ I am prompted there is a free central update. This begins to install but fails with the error ‘failed to write to hard disk’. There is not a lack of drive space.

  4. Jud Holliday says:

    It installed without a hitch on my Win XP laptop which would not work previously. Thanks!