Central Regular Expression Examples

Christian Cantrell has posted a couple of examples showing how to use Central’s built in Regular Expression API.

Examples include matching:

  • A valid URL
  • The title tag from an HTML page
  • Alphanumeric Characters

You can view the entire post here.

If you have any other good Regular Expression recipies, post them at Christian’s weblog.

2 Responses to Central Regular Expression Examples

  1. ~Angela says:

    I don’t do Central, but I do regular expressions. (Found this post off a search on Google for something I was looking to do.) Thought it might be handy to point out that there’s a RegExp category at the Snippets Exchange (http://www.dwfaq.com/Snippets/cat_listing.asp?CatID=15) with a bunch of regular expressions by Massimo Foti. I’m not sure how handy it will be to Central users, but you do get a lot of Dreamweaver readers here too 🙂 Hope it helps!

  2. ~Angela says:

    Oops, added an extra ) at the end of the URL, sorry… Teaches me to test the preview! 😉 http://www.dwfaq.com/Snippets/cat_listing.asp?CatID=15