Macromedia Central Survey

The Central Team is doing a survey and looking for input about Macromedia Central. Here is the info:

9 Responses to Macromedia Central Survey

  1. Have your say about Macromedia Central with the Macromedia Central Survey

    I just filled out the Macromedia Central Survey and I encourage you to do the same. “Your input is critical in the continued success and development of Central.” Besides, you can win a $500 cash price if you respond…

  2. JesterXL says:

    Geez, long survey! Hopefully, you gals n guys will get some good info from it, then.

  3. ericd says:

    ya it was long, but i think covered some important things. cheers!

  4. Ann says:

    Can you make the results of the survey public?

  5. scott janousek says:

    Can you post also the winner?… I always submit feedback, but I never hear who actually wins these sort of giveaways! :)… either that or give a free central poster to everyone that takes it (or perhaps the first 500 if that is too many).-sj

  6. The survey should be run for a longer period. Most people are on leave this time of year.Once again, eligibility for the prize remains within the US. Do MM not realise that they have customers outside the US??Anyway, well done for trying to gather input in a sensible way.

  7. I am also interested in some of the results. Regarding the winner… there are instructions linked via the last page on how you can get a list of winners (well, one) sent.

  8. Fred says:

    I just filled out the survey and got the following response at the end:”Thank you for your responses, however we have filled our quota for respondents such as yourself. Thanks again!”Never gave me a chance to enter the giveaway. What the XXXX? Would have been nice if they mentioned that you only got entered in the giveaway if you met a certain criteria AND they didn’t exceed their ‘quota’ for that criteria.

  9. Dominick says:

    oh god, Fred that sux big time! I made the quota when it came out 🙂