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Central Licensing Updates at

We have posted some changes related to Central and licensing at We have made some tweaks to the EULA to make it clearer what a commercial application is, and have updated the FAQ with about 20 new questions on licensing and other items.

Finally, you can now buy Central capacity packs in packs of 20 or 100. This significantly lowers the entry point for deploying Central applications internally.

Here are the links:

Updated FAQ
Updated Licensing Description Page

Thanks for everyone’s feedback and input.

Shell Scripting on OS X with ECMA / JavaScript

Just this week I switched to OS X and found my self wanting to really take advantage of the shell. I have always wanted to be able to do shell scripting in a language that I know well, and I finally found a solution (I know enough bash shell scripting to get in trouble).

You may have heard of the Rhino project. A Mozzila project for creating and maintaining a Java based JavaScript parser. Well, what you may not have know, and what I just found out, is that it also includes a command line javascript interpreter that allows you to write shell scripts in JavaScript.

Since ActionScript is based on ECMA / JavaScript, this means that you can leverage the core of your ActionScript knowledge to write shell scripts on OS X and / or Linux.

Here is what you need to set it up.

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What features do you want in the next version of Central?

With the release of the developer release of Central, we are turning our sites on the next version. So, what features would you like to see in the next version of Central?

Post your suggestions in the comments (the more detail the better).

What Central Development Articles would you like?

I am lining up articles for the DevNet Center, and was curious what articles developers would like to see written.

So, what Central Development articles would you like to see posted to the Central DevNet Center?

The next two articles will be an introduction to notifications, and how to use the Central Tab component.

Post your suggestions in the comments.

Central Install Issues Fixed

Some developers had reported that they were having problems installing Central. We think that we have fixed the issue (a web server configuration issue), and need to know if anyone is still having a problem.

So, if you could not install Central before, please try now (you can click the Dev Chat install to the right), and let us know if it worked.

If it doesn’t work, please post the info requested in the post.

New Central Developer Chat

I have released a new version of the Central developer chat. It is still a “beta” version, but I think you can see we have made a lot of progress.

Lots of new stuff in this version, including:

  • Connections moved to Agent (don’t disconnect when you change apps)
  • User Profile support
  • User Profile Pod
  • New UI and Look (thanks to Andrew Borovsky)
  • Support for Blast (works with Blog Reader)
  • Close button bug is gone!
  • Lots of small tweaks and enhancements

You can install the new version by clicking on the Install Badge on the right of the page.

If you had and older version of the chat installed, you will need to uninstall that version, and then install this one.

Sorry for the upgrade hassles. This is because we released it really early before the final product id’s were ready. We now have the final product id, which means that you have to install from scratch. However, future updates will be seamless.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, or find any bugs, then post them in the comments.

DevChat going down for a while

Just a quick FYI. The DevChat will be down for a while tonight.

It will be back up in a couple of hours.