What Central Development Articles would you like?

I am lining up articles for the DevNet Center, and was curious what articles developers would like to see written.

So, what Central Development articles would you like to see posted to the Central DevNet Center?

The next two articles will be an introduction to notifications, and how to use the Central Tab component.

Post your suggestions in the comments.

18 Responses to What Central Development Articles would you like?

  1. Scott Barnes says:

    I’d personally like to see something along the lines of how Central will fit in at an Enterprise level, if its just a simple “HR” style application of some sorts that works out timesheet or something like that.I say this, as I come from an Enterprise level company, and I see something like Central as a boon to an Intranet RIA.Also may help sell other people in my shoes on the benefits and highlight some ways of thinking outside the square.Personally at first when i looked at central, I was quick to label it as a “funkier version of the projector” concept, in that what could Central offer other than the Flash Projector executable cant? (of course i know, but others may also think along those lines).

  2. John Vanspronssen says:

    As an Internet Application Developer, Central looks like an interesting way to present a “Portal”. I have been looking at Central for the past few weeks since the release and the one article I would like to see is how to keep the memory consumption of Central down. In it’s current form if you leave the GUI running for a day or two, it’s memory usage climbs from somewhere around 45MB to well over 150MB. An article on Best Practises from a memory standpoint might be useful.

  3. julian says:

    I’d really like to see a step by step tutorial on blasting data, and how to make the blast schema.

  4. JesterXL says:

    Someone to kick some mad skillz with the LCService Class.The planning that goes into making your interface.as.

  5. Dan Z says:

    More “Real World” ie Production level, not on localhost example of implementing webservices from multiple servers and sources.Ie; A real CF webservice proxy, and a flash client app. Make it possible to plugin “business logic and processes” via web services and “agents”.Example App a web site registration and login system.The reg form could verify via ws the following:Zipcode >> Return the city and state.Email> validate the address.Full address, return a map.Full Name – return potential user’s address.UI would be like a wizard, where user is asked simple questions, like first name, last name and zip… The app would initiate a search to find the most likely match via public ws. The user could then verify or correct the data before registering.

  6. martin o says:

    It would be great to see a really simple OCC type sample app. Intel have a really basic sceanrio they use in Central, of an office worker using Central to sync data for an important meeting, then when she return to the office – she syncs back to results of the client meeting. An article about this would be gold!OCC Example App (Blasting)

  7. mike chambers says:

    >Someone to kick some mad skillz with the LCService Class.Like this:http://www.macromedia.com/devnet/central/articles/lcservice.htmlmike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  8. Kim Hansen says:

    I would really like to see some more tutorials about organizing your code for rich Internet applications. Especially when being integrated with Java or .NETSomething like a MVC model that organizes your code for bigger and more serious applications.

  9. BenL says:

    Second what Julian said, a tutorial that goes more into detail about blasting and dtd schemas and such.

  10. BenL says:

    Oops, I meant xsd not dtd. As you can see the article would be of help to me!

  11. Kevin Hoyt says:

    The Accordian Tab component is an excellent start, but I’d also like to see detailed usage of the Dialog Box component. For example, dialogs are often presented to collect smaller pieces of data for a larger application. That being said, there seems to be little in the manner of working with the content movie clip in the dialog box within Central.There is a doClose() method for example, but there’s no way for a contained movie clip to trigger that method through a contained push button event – I have to know that there’s a series of _parent containers in order for the contained movie clip to interact with the dialog box itself.Likewise, I might want to have an application controller be notified when an event on the movie clip contained in the dialog box occurs, yet there’s no way for me to access any of the internal components to set their handlers dynamically. The getContent() method returns the contained movie clip in a series of containers, and I subsequently need to again know how to traverse that tree – a tight coupling that shouldn’t have to exist.Please don’t flame me if you have figured out how to do this, I am merely stating that an article around said topic would be very valuable to me as the documentation does not address this thorougly. I want to see Central in use for moderately complex data-entry applications, as well as the data-display type applications that it has clearly been so beautifully architected to handle.

  12. chall3ng3r says:

    what about putting source code for Blogreader or somthing like that app that is using tab component???

  13. David Velarde says:

    I have to agree with Scott Barnes. Central does take a considerable amount of memory and it seems to creep up to more as time goes by whether the app is being used or not.

  14. David Velarde says:

    I am interested in your Central Environment for internal purposes. Do you have a white paper on this site.

  15. aSH says:

    I would like a DevNet or Security Center article about Central and security (installation…).

  16. HvonF says:

    I have been trying to rapidly develop some simple functionality in a Central app to assess how long a real app would take me to develop. I got enormously frustrated by how few useful code or documentation examples there are for apps that use more data exchange than just sending back a single float value for the temperature in Alaska!I want to see serious, in depth, databinding articles on such basic things as how to bind Webservice results to the daddy of all components, the DataGrid (by the way, can any one help me with this now?), instead of binding hardcoded arrays like the developers manual keeps hammering on, and has zero value for us out here.

  17. mike chambers says:

    There are a couple of utilities classes included with the SDK that handle some of the data binding. In particular, if you are returning a record set / query via Flash remoting, there are classes that will convert it to a Central.DataProviderClass which can then be passed directly to the DataGrid component.mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  18. Nicholas Cancelliere says:

    I would like to see Macromedia release a set of Halo icons that we could utilize in the application without having to make our own. It’d be helpful in maintaining a consistent look and feel. Common things like little email icons, books, papers, paperclip, little person, gears, etc.Otherwise we”ll be left to our own designs, and who knows what that’ll be. *evil grin*