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SubEthaEdit Central Syntax file

aSH (aka ActionScript Hero) has created and posted a beta SubEthaEdit syntax file for Macromedia Central (and ActionScript 2.0).

You can help test it out here.

Favorite Flash based cartoons?

What are your favorite Flash based cartoons? I am addicted to StrongBad and pals, and need something new to feed my need in between StrongBad emails.

So, what are you favorite Flash based cartoons? Post links in the comments.

Atom Feed Added

Just a quick heads up. I have added an ATOM feed for the weblog. You can view it here.

You can find more information on ATOM here. : Proxying Events

One of the issues I ran into while building the MXNA WebService example app, was that both the ComboBox and DataGrid both broadcast “change” events. This meant that I could not have a separate function to listen for each event (and have the functions run within the scope of the feedView class).

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CommunityMX : Your First Central App Part 2

CommunityMX has posted the second part of their tutorial on creating your first Central application.

This tutorial is available to CommunityMX members or can be purchased from You can find more information here.

CommunityMX has also updated its Community MXtra Central Application.

Here is the next class from the MXNA Web Service sample app. This is the MXNAFeedView class, and is the main (and currently only) view class of the app.

It contains most of the UI elements for selecting and displaying categories and feeds.

You can also view the MXNAAppController class.

I will post the rest of the classes as I comment and finish them.

As usual, if you have any suggestions or questions, post them in the comments.

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I am going to post the class files for the MXNA WebService App I put together over the weekend. I will post them as I add the comments.

I will eventually post all of the source, but I want to work out all of the kinks first.

The first class I am posting, MXNAAppController is the controller for the application. It handles all communication with the web services on the server, and contains a single view class, that contains most of the UI elements for the app.

So, if you find any bugs, or have any suggestions, post them in the comments.

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Flash 2004 / AS 2 WebService Example App

I put together a little Flash app this weekend that shows how to use the web services API, the v2 components and ActionScript 2.0. It uses a beta of the MXNA web service API that we are working on. We are tweaking the server side performance on the web services, so they are a little slow right now.

Anyways, here is the app:

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What is your Flash IDE Layout?

How do you use Flash? Specifically, how do you arrange the panels and timeline within Flash?

Here is the layout that I have been most comfortable with:

Click for full size

(Thanks to Kevin Lynch who gave me the idea of making the timeline thinner and moving it to the side).

So how is your environment laid out? Describe it in the comments, or post links to screenshots.

Your First Central App Article has posted the first in a series of articles on developing applications for Macromedia Central.

The first article is titled Your First Central Application – Part 1 and gives an overview of Central and getting your development environment ready for Central development.

While you are over at, make sure to also check out their CommunityMXTra Central Application.