App Ideas for DRK 6?

Josh Dura has made a post asking what type of apps / content do developers want to see on DRK 6.

Head over to Josh’s weblog and post your suggestions.

5 Responses to App Ideas for DRK 6?

  1. Sönke Rohde says:

    I’d like real AS 2.0 Version of the RichTextEditor, the ColorPicker and the SliderComponent.Further i’d like to have a Slider with two slidebars (Min-Max-Slider) like the one in the Flex shop-example.A bug-fix of the Alert-component would be nice as well.Regards,Sönke Rohde

  2. Min Soe says:

    I’d like to see PetShop App in AS 2.0 Version. Aspecially in flash application architecture.Thakns,Min Soe

  3. forgetfoo says:

    a really cool, easy to use or integrate Rich Text/WYSIWYG editor would be appreciated… DHTML or Flash, against CF/CFC?

  4. jowa says:

    It would be nice to have an horizontal accordion component. Like Mac Osx Explorer…

  5. marco. says:

    I agree with the horizontal accordion component.I have been looking for it all over the internet.