Central Example App and Code

Vera Fleischer has posted some simple sample code that shows a basic Central application. Among other things, it demonstrates how to create a pod, agent and application, how to use LCService to manage communications, how to manage pods, and how to Blast data between applications.

This is a very good example providing all of the basics of a Central application.

You can view the post, and download the code here.

4 Responses to Central Example App and Code

  1. Rob Cameron says:

    Mike! I didn’t know where else to post this … did you guys update something in Central today? I had an app that was working great until about 3pm pacific time, now standard MX 2004 components won’t display! I’ve tried creating completely barebones files on two different computers now and I’ve nothing. I had Textboxes, ComboBoxes, an Accordion and even a DataGrid all working great until today! What happeneddddddddddRob

  2. ericd says:

    central doesn’t support mx 2004 components.mike – shouldn’t the title of your blog change from mesh on mx to something else? mesh on macromedia maybe?

  3. Peter Hall says:

    Eric, you are wrong on that. Central is based on Flash 6.0.79, which is fully compatible with V2 components.

  4. Dominick says:

    As Peter Hall mentioned, the V2 components will work, as long as you change the publishing settings to optimize for Flash 6.0.79.