EventProxy.as : Proxying Events

One of the issues I ran into while building the MXNA WebService example app, was that both the ComboBox and DataGrid both broadcast “change” events. This meant that I could not have a separate function to listen for each event (and have the functions run within the scope of the feedView class).

There were two solutions to this. The first was to have a switch statement in my change event handler, that checked the eventObt.target property to see where the event came from. I could then dispatch the call as appropriate. Here is an example of what the event handler would look like:

[code]private function change(eventObj:Object){switch(eventObj:target){case myDataGrid :{//the datagrid event firedbreak;}case myComboBox :{//the combobox event firedbreak;}}}[]

However, I personally don’t like this as it means I have to define an event handler, maintain a switch statement, and then define individual methods to handle the events. Jesse Warden posted a good example of this on his weblog.

The other option was to create a simple class that basically proxies the events to different scopes and methods. I like this solution as it felt a little cleaner to me. I put together a simple proxy class (EventProxy) based on a FlashCoder’s post by Sam Neff.

Here is an example of how it works (from MXNAFeedView.as):

[code]public function onLoad(Void):Void{categoryProxy = new EventProxy(this, “onCategorySelect”);category_cb.addEventListener(“change”, categoryProxy);feedGridProxy = new EventProxy(this, “onFeedGridSelect”);feedDG.addEventListener(“change”, feedGridProxy);}//broadcast by ComboBox when user selects an item in the comboprivate function onCategorySelect(eventObj:Object):Void{//ComboBox change event fired}//broadcast by the DataGrid when the user selects a rowprivate function onFeedGridSelect(eventObj:Object):Void{//datagrid change event fired}[/code]

This does two things:

  1. It allows change events from two different components to be dispatched to two methods.
  2. It allows the event handlers to be called within the scope of the containing class (in this case MXNAFeedView)

Here is the code for the class:

[code]/*EventProxy classAllows:-scope of events to be changed-events calls to be proxied to arbitrary functions*/class com.macromedia.mesh.events.EventProxy{private var receiverObj:Object;private var funcName:String;/*Constructor:-receiverObj : the receiverObj in which the event will be called-the function name to be called in response to the event*/function EventProxy(receiverObj:Object, funcName:String){this.receiverObj = receiverObj;this.funcName = funcName;}//this is called before the event is broadcast by the componentsprivate function handleEvent(eventObj:Object):Void{//if not function name has been definedif(funcName == undefined){//pass the call to the event name methodreceiverObj[eventObj.type](eventObj);}else{//pass the call to the specified method namereceiverObj[funcName](eventObj);}}}[/code]

Post any suggestions or bugs in the comments.