Favorite Flash based cartoons?

What are your favorite Flash based cartoons? I am addicted to StrongBad and pals, and need something new to feed my need in between StrongBad emails.

So, what are you favorite Flash based cartoons? Post links in the comments.

18 Responses to Favorite Flash based cartoons?

  1. steve says:

    Can’t beat the twisted humor of joe cartoon (see url)

  2. steve says:

    URL didn’t show up as expected…http://www.joecartoon.com/

  3. Scott Barnes says:

    pretty much anything from http://www.campchaos.com is funny :DScott

  4. Jon B says:

    Funny cartoons are all good an well but in my opinion they are one of the creations that gives flash a bad name and reputation as an ‘amateur’ tool. Considering that the original concept of flash back the days before MM bought it was for a fully fledged 2D TV/Film animation package (as I understand it) I prefer examples of people pushing flash to make quality animated series’ or shorts. In this respect I would like to mention Ninjai http://www.ninjai.com – it’s been going a while but development is very slow. The most recent episodes are of such a high quality with brilliant traditional animation skills (proper movement! no MC for each limb, body and head animated with tweens). Also I would like to point out http://www.iwantmyflashtv.com – loads of cartoons although it is purely broadband only if you a regular boredom threshold.

  5. Mark Haliday says:

    Without a doubt:http://www.happytreefriends.comAnd to a lesser degree, Heavy Metal Guy:http://www.mondominishows.com

  6. mike chambers says:

    >Funny cartoons are all good an well but in my opinion they are one of the creations that gives flash a bad name and reputation as an ‘amateur’ tool.I disagree. First, I dont think any of the cartoons mentioned are any where near “amateur” (I think some of them rival cartoons found on television).Second, I think they show Flash as one of the things that it is, one of the premier animation tools available today.What makes Flash look bad? Bad uses of Flash.mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  7. Scott Barnes says:

    More importantly, i have seen some really cheesy amatuer cartoons that are abs piss funny.Sometimes a simple animation is just as effective as a complex Lord of the rings mega bucks version.http://www.weebl.jolt.co.uk/pie.htmSimple. but kinda funny as its just st00pid.

  8. ethan says:

    Jon B,I have to agree with Mike Chambers-the assumption of amateur status seems to be based on your idea of a good style (“traditional animation skills”.) If Animation has to be beholden to your requirements of “proper movement” the industry will have a short life. What defines “cartoon” from “animation” is always changing and adapting to the realities of the artists creating and the public consuming them. Is looney toones bad because “shrek” is more realistic movement 40 years later? If you don’t like the style-want more realism in your animation fine, but don’t relegate other styles/genres to be considered amateur.

  9. mathew says:

    an unrelated question for you:i’m trying out the flash mx pro demo (21 days to go!) and i’ve got some work panels set up based on some ideas from others spurred by a previous post of yours.i’d like to save them and have that panel layout start up when i start flash. i can’t save over “Default Panel Layout” or whatever it’s called. Is is possible to startup a panel set without going into the menu and selecting it? i just can’t find it anywhere.also, i’ll see you at flash in the can again this coming year. i’m going to be mc-ing the whole festival. we met at last year’s event. you were sitting on your laptop during someone’s presentation (beau ambur, i think..) at the back of the room. anyways, i intro’ed myself to you and that was that. see you again this year! :)-mathew

  10. steve says:

    LARGE collection of Flash cartoons/humor/weirdhttp://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/

  11. Gary Grossman says:

    I think that Amy Winfrey is an undiscovered cartoon goddess. Even if she doesn’t use any fonts besides _serif.http://www.big-bunny.comhttp://www.makingfiends.comhttp://www.muffinfilms.comRemember, kids, Big Bunny says to eat lots of cheeseburgers, and drink plenty of milkshakes.

  12. Jon B says:

    Yay, I caused a controversy!Ok, I didn’t say flash cartoons were amateur or that flash was an amateur tool (*he says back-pedalling fast*). My point was that in my experience flash has had a hard time being taken seriously as a proper application development or TV Broadcast worthy tool and not just some fancy web cartoon ‘frog in a blender’ maker. It can do so much more and be so much more, and when so many business men/women (who inevitably we want to hire us developers) have only experienced flash through some forwarded email cartoon it doesn’t bode well for convincing them that they should consider using it for anything else.Time for a bad analogy now – flash cartoons often could be likened to those ‘modern art’ ready-framed pictures by unknown artists you can buy from Ikea, nice looking, everyone has them to brighten up there room or office, but ultimately lacking sophistication and class. This isn’t to say they are bad, but when there are real masterful works of art out there it’s a shame that people aren’t aware of them.My personal opinion – I’m bored with all the ‘funny kill osama’ musical flash movies, I reckon the old ‘frog in a blender’ should be dead by now – I know that there are more professional flash cartoons floating around too (like the ones you’ve mentioned), but it seems a very much cult, niche, or geek audience for these. Again I’m not criticising what is out there, I’m merely wishing there were more cartoons and animations at the other end of things and inbetween too – there is just so many ‘silly but funny 2 minute movies’

  13. Tjarko says:

    Too bad that Strongbad email is really irregular the last couple of months.. every monday i’m hoping for a new cartoon… dissappointment all over when the screen is still the same :-(I did not find another cartoon that came even close to Strongbad.. so can’t help you there…

  14. Justin says:

    I can’t believe the dinky links people are posting on here.The only flash cartoons better than strongbar (homestar runner) are Neurotically Yours (www.illwillpress.com) and Arj & Poopy (www.arjandpoopy.com)Justin

  15. lucca says:

    This flash music video is creepy and cool:www.beavertoe.com/wzw/tentellian.htmlI also love homestar runner.