More File System Access for Central Input Needed

Thanks to everyone who provided their feedback in an earlier post on File system access within Macromedia Central. It was very useful.

We would like some additional input. Specifically, what type of things would you like to do if you had file system access? i.e. how would your application use file system access within Macromedia Central?

A good example might be : I would allow users to upload reports from the Central application to the server (to be shared with other users).

Place your suggestions / thoughts in the comments.

30 Responses to More File System Access for Central Input Needed

  1. David Bisset says:

    I would allow users to trade files on an instant messaging system (similar to sending files via MSN messenger). Similar Idea: email based Central app would be able to send and/or recieve attachments.

  2. Daniel Dura says:

    1) An ebay app that helped you to post listing would need to be able to load images from the desktop for preview and then upload them to the server.2) Save xml files of data from your central app for use in other apps.3) I develop a photo viewer….that downloads new photos periodically. But I also want to allow the user to save that file locally do a directory of thier choosing through a button in the ass “Save as…”.

  3. Rick says:

    I’d build a Central app that allowed users to post content to our web based presentation and project management application.

  4. Dominick says:

    content management system (cms). As well as a remote desktop capability using camtasia screen capture and file system access.

  5. Mike says:

    How about a Central front-end for a CMS that allows users to upload images?

  6. tcoulson says:

    I love the idea of a file system access in Central.I would think an app that can save images or text files of scores from a game.Or better yet, like Mike proposed, upload images. Then for a dart game (I am developing) someone could upload a picture of their boss or ex girlfriend/boyfriend and throw darts at the board. All in Central, that would be wicked.

  7. JesterXL says:

    – upload images to my server for use in the app (save copy in Central’s cache)- upload an XML file for safe keeping on a server

  8. Derek says:

    TabSMART uses text based Tablature files for all of its guitar songs. I would like users to be able to find files already on their computer, as well as save files to specific directories.It would also be nice if there were a catalog() function to get the files in a directory. This would allow users to select specific files from a listbox instead of opening a dialog for each file.

  9. Phillip R. Cargo says:

    We are looking at moving a system which allows users to review files offline from various document storage systems.

  10. I would appreciate a file access for developping multimedia projects in musem and use the answers saved in a file(excel, txt, access, mysql,…);And make some stats with it

  11. See uploading would be great, but to me is it secondary to being able to open local files.If you were making an application for viewing and managing photos, and you wanted people to PAY for this application:You would most likely want to make it so that they could add their own photos into the application.An mp3 player would be another great idea!!! But again, people all have a local mp3 playlist! As a matter of fact, loading the Itunes.xml file to get their playlist into another audio application would be totally awesome.Hey, while the ideas are flowing about local files, how about this:MovieClip.saveAsJPG();saves current state of the MC as a jpgNetStream.recordLocal();saves a FLV or mp3 locallyThese are the kind of things other than just text files manipulation that would make Central a little bit more unique, and a little bit more useful for creating applications that people “BUY”.

  12. Hans Omli says:

    First priority would be ability to upload jpg, xml, and swf files–all of which could then be displayed within the application. I’d also like to explore building a Central-based Document Management/Version Control system designed for average users (as opposed to engineers and rocket scientists).

  13. Justin says:

    I have a desktop program that was developed in Flash and wrapped with Flash Studio Pro. I use the FSP for file access to save xml files the user creates with the Flash interface. When the user needs to submit orders from the xml files, they can process them in a batch or at design time.When these designs have been completed by a specific user I want them to be able to share them with any user groups they might join from within the program. The design (xml files) shared with any other user only has access to the design info and not the customer info, this helps decrease the design time of popular designs.Ideally, I would love for this app to be in Central so that the updating and commerce functionality would decrease my overhead. Saving files to a local machine and having access to view or upload them for sharing would greatly increase the demand for my app.Opening the file access to allow for a specific location on a local hard drive would be enough to bring this app to Central, then I could use Central’s other great qualities to make the app better.

  14. Mr Junk says:

    I read the previous post/comments on this subject and this one. What I would like to know is why is this discussion focused on i/o in central? will this mean it will be incorporated flash it self or just the central SDK? I would like to see general flash i/o for the reason that a lot of people don’t have central or don’t even care to install central. Web developers who don’t work around central would kill for this ability.Personnally what I would do with this capabilities, (only in flash since I don’t even care myself to install central) is the idea to tranfer files directly from client to client or from client to server for server storage. What would be exellent for is project management. You could easily exchange data between users working on the same fla or the same application or design piece someone is working on.

  15. neil_edwards says:

    1) Certainly user file upload with image, text and swf, the current auction listing Central app im working on has to use html to do this.2) Directory listings would be great for a project management tool where users could browse the files available download, edit and re upload them and add new ones3) For a childrens painting tool, Save their runtime painting to a jpg or swf onto their hd

  16. chall3ng3r says:

    i vote this post{ Posted by Tony MacDonell January 15, 2004 02:52 PM }other ideas are good as well 😀

  17. Ralph says:

    I’ve developed online slideshows and photo albums that I wish to permit users to use offline so storing jpgs locally would be important.I’m also interested in storing multimedia streams locally. Think karaoke functionality–download the accompaniment, play & record from mic, and save the result locally.These don’t really require access to the local file system, just an extended version of the local shared object.Thanks for asking!

  18. mike chambers says:

    >I’ve developed online slideshows and photo albums that I wish to permit users to use offline so storing jpgs locally would be, you can alread save / cache assets such as JPG, MP3s, etc… on the users system with the current version of Central.Check out the:addToLocalInternetCachemethods on the AgentManager, shell and pod.mike

  19. P.R. Newman says:

    1) Uploads for CMS. Also useful for any service that requires documents in specific formats, such as Word or PDF.2) Enable user to select media files (images, MP3s, FLVs) to embed in the Central app for customization.3) Enable user to generate a text file and save it to disk (maybe to save their favorites or preferences).4) Enable user to generate HTML with Central (using, for example, the Rich Text Editor component) and save to disk.This is off-topic, but it would be cool if the API supported customizing the system tray icon on a per-application basis. Also, minimizing to the system tray would be a nice option to add to preferences.

  20. chall3ng3r says:

    this is also off topic,what if central supports its data syncranixzation with other pc? (ie notebook)user can tranfer/backup central settings for system restore on per application basis.i’d like to have comments from mike on these….

  21. Anthony Graddy says:

    Definitely the ability to browse and load mp3 files. There are so many applications that you could develop, from music players to alarm clocks with customized music.

  22. I’m developing my own file system, and a filesystem application and programmer’s components that will use Local Shared Objects for local storage, and a database for shared online storage. A bit like my IOS v1.0 prototype for those that saw it. (I’m changing web hosts, so it’s temporarily unavailable). I doubt whether Macromedia are developing their file handling in this direction, so I am not deterred by their plans.-But let me know if those plans do include online volumes!What I would expect from Macromedia’s file handling capabilities?:-1. Ability to upload files to a server, without going through browser and PHP.2. Full control down to low level bytes written or read from a file file. Allowing user to write any format they desire. Of course this would be limited by ActionScript execution speed. Although theoretically possible to manipulate and write image data, for example – Slow ActionScript execution would deter people for writing image editing applications.3. Read/Write variables or XML from LoadVars or XML object. In fact, ability to read/write any data structure supported by ActionScript.

  23. Oh! – And I don’t want to have to upgrade to MX 2004 to use this file handling capability.

  24. zwetan says:

    an access to filesystem for saving data is very important, even if its supports only text file you have tons of possibilities:CSV, XML, word XML, excell XML, HMTL, etc…here a simple application for example:a password saver/keeperpeople enter their login/password information and only retain one main password to access them allthese data encrypted for safety in nature don’t really need file IO access, the local SharedObject is sufficient, but imagine these scenario:- moving to a new computer, reinstall central, reinstall the application,do people would like to re-enter all their login/password information by hand ?a way to save a config text file containing their info would be much much more userfriendly- moving to different places, or willing to use the central application form a cybercafe,having a way to upload data to a server will allow people to reuse their settings/config from different placesand so on…imagin all the possibilities of GUI just to handdle text file:- apache conf GUI tool- mp3 playlist GUI editorand tons of little usefull app like thatand last but not least, if you can access file IO you can have people execute other *.exe and make them work/communicate with central applicationthat means application like visual whois, visual ping etc…

  25. Richard says:

    What about just being able to point to a directory and get all the files of a certain type(s) in there? Perhaps it defeats the purpose of a “connected” app, but it would open the door to iTunes/iPhoto type apps. Organizing content on your computer is a big focus of software these days.

  26. Stacy Young says:

    more often than not…typical scenario would be to allow a user to upload a data file. i.e. CSV fileData would be processed server-side and return a response, perhaps processing results (text) or sometimes a datagrid.Cheers!

  27. Mark says:

    Exciting stuff guys..

  28. Bertrand says:

    hoping I’m not jumping too late on the train : read and send any file as POST data.less important IMHO but yet useful : Store locally any http accesible file.

  29. Dirk Eismann says:

    Here’s what I would like to do with a perfect Central:1) Download documents to Central’s cache when online (non-Flash docs like PDF, TAR etc.).2) Have Central let (based on a security policy) open those files with the associated application.3) Let users upload files to a upload directory residing on the applications originating server (if it is defined in the product.xml e.g.)Central is a great tool – just be sure to make it better 😉

  30. 1. Save as .jpgI’ve been thinking about Tony MacDonell’s suggestion about saving the contents of a movie clip as a .jpg.This could move Flash/Central up onto the next level, and make it capable of manipulating image data.I have applications, for example, where I use GD or ImageMagick at the server side to create or manipulate .png or .jpg files. I’ve always thought that this is a pity, as the local client computer has plenty of processing capability to be able to do that sort of thing – it’s just that the plug-in technology doesn’t allow you to get at it.2. Flash Filesystem.I have written my filing system for Central. It is based on the working filesystem in IOS ( the ‘Install from url’ feature of Central. And type in:, there is only one application that utilises this filesystem, but three more will arrive soon. My spreadsheet application demonstrates how you can save and later retrieve data files:- will be enhancing the filesystem later to allow users to share data files online. I am willing to share my filesystem with other developers.