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ActionScript 2.0 and Central

Ethan Malasky has posted some information on how to use ActionScript 2.0 to create Central applications.

We are working on creating intrinsic class files for Central, but until they are ready, this will allow you to create Central applications using ActionScript 2.0.

You can read the entire post here.

File I/O in Central : What do you want?

The single most requested feature for Central has been File I/O support. So, how would you want File I/O implemented in Central? What would you use it for? What features / abilities do you want?

How would you rank the following in order of importance / usefulness?

  • (A) Uploading/downloading files from a server.
  • (B) Having a folder on the user’s computer where apps could save or open files, without querying the user.
  • (C) Being able to open or save files from/to arbitrary locations on the user’s computer, using file dialogs.
  • (D) Being able to create new files from arbitrary data in your app. Which files types would be useful here: text, xml, jpeg, etc.?
  • (E) Being able to open, edit and save existing files. Again, which file types?

Post your feedback in the comments section.