Spam Attacks? Here is my blacklist

I noticed that a lot of weblogs in the community are getting spammed today. I went through the same attack about a week ago (1200 spams in 24 hours). I use MT-Blacklist to protect against spam and it works pretty well.

So, in order to help everyone getting spammed today, I am publishing my weblog’s black list. If you are using MT Blacklist, you can add them to your system in the MT Blacklist admin.

This list will automatically be updated as I add new URLs to it. Also, it is possible that there are some false positives in the list. If so, just let me know about them, and I will check them out.

One note, the current version of MT Blacklist does not work with the latest version of Movable Type (2.66). A new version of MT Blacklist should be out soon that fixes the issues.

15 Responses to Spam Attacks? Here is my blacklist

  1. Spammed? My Blacklist Too

    I have added some custom URL’s in my time, so following the lead of Mike Chambers, I’m linking to my blacklist as well. Lock and Load….

  2. Dear Mike (and Scott),I noticed that Mario Klingermann’s site, quasimondo-dot-com (I was prevented from sending this comment in because I typed it literally!), is on your lists. This has to be a false positive! Mario is a sharp guy and he posts a lot of good info.-jonathan

  3. Nice site!(hee hee)Christian

  4. mike chambers says:

    re : quasimondogood catch. I removed it from the list.mike

  5. Mike, I noticed you have a lot of entries that could more easily be handled by a simple regex pattern (e.g., all the black foxes stuff). If you use a regex, you’re going to catch future spam as well as current spam.I give an example of blocking subdomains here:

  6. p.s. my blacklist is here (with a bunch of subdomain regex blockers):

  7. mike chambers says:

    Sean,Thanks. Yeah, it could be vastly simplified with regex. The URLs were added automatically though by MT Blacklist, so I don’t really spend too much time on it.mike c

  8. Cesar Tardaguila says:

    Hey! I’m also in some of the blacklists.Maybe my blog is not too good, but…Please, check it. The url isdesign-nation-dot-net

  9. mike chambers says:

    >design-nation-dot-netgood catch. I removed it from the list.mike

  10. aSH says:

    Mike:I think that thed d.i tin your list should be handled with a regex patern.If I try something like:”and then I add + it…”I’ll be banned.

  11. Numit says:

    Yeeeahd, it’s csool

  12. Bter says: