Understanding Central

Jesse Warden has a great post on his thoughts about Central. One of the things he brings up is that he has had trouble explaining the benefits of Central, but once he built an app or two, he just got it.

I have heard this quite a few times (and experienced it myself when I started with Central). Of course, as more features are added to Central, this should be less of a problem. So, i am curious, if you are doing stuff with Central now, what helped you “get it” (i.e. understand it)? If you are not doing Central development right now, what would make you want to?

10 Responses to Understanding Central

  1. ericd says:

    the best way to “get central” is to sit down and try it out. use the sdk and check out a sample app. the sdk documentation alone should keep you sleepless for a night or two – so many cool things you can do!!!! after about 20 mins with central, i got it. then i flipped through the docs – which ate up my toner (gladly though) – i got other things. it came together pretty quickly. there are things in the docs that i have yet to try – but man, it’s only a matter of time before i do. for me, the quality of the documentation & the sample apps alone were enough to get me totally jazzed about central.developing for central is almost identical to developing for flash – there are a few extra steps and a lot more power you can manipulate.the features as they stand now, for a 1.0 release, are quite impressive to say the least. there are lots of tutorials out there now so you should be able to get a solid foundation pretty quickly. with a foundation under your belt, if you can dream it, you can probably find a way to build it. with central, macromedia has streamlined the process. sure its gonna get better, but get in there now and start mucking about.

  2. David Bisset says:

    Although I got Central better when developing my first app in the beta program… it REALLY hit me when I started to think “outside the box” for ideas for Central apps. In the beginning I was just trying to imagine building apps for existing web services (something you could see in a browser) – but once I started to take into account what Central brings to the table (it’s being s cross-browser, it’s alerts, it’s offline caching) I began to realize what Central REALLY could do.For those who note Central isn’t creating a buzz… they’re wrong. Apps are being made, ideas are being traded. Every other day I talk with people online about Central… critics should just TRY building ONE app. 🙂

  3. Dom says:

    As soon as I hear about Flash 7 compatibility, I’ll get started !

  4. Dominick says:

    Mike:I love Central and everything it stands for. However, this baby won’t fly until we get three things:file accessupload capabilityport to fp7once we have those things plus the aim functionaility, people will be flocking towards the client. Then and only then will people get it. Cause there aren’t enough useful web services out there. Inside the corporation, there are web services, however no one is willing to pay the licensing for what central has to offer currently. Such a sticky situation for such a cool technology. On one hand, Central is a powerful technology. On the other hand, it was built with all the current sandbox rules of the flash player. It must have been a tough line to draw when creating the player. however, I think you guys are doing a great job of listening to the community, and hopefully we will all be happy in the end.

  5. Erik Bianchi says:

    I have a few reasons why I haven’t bothered with Central yet.I have limited time to spend on r/d so it is very important to be able to find out why I need a product. From what I have heard/read about Central I don’t feel like I need it.Does Central Development Really solve that many problems to make me want to invest time into learning it?Also, I think right now central is just a neat Flash toy and I don’t think there is a great deal of public interest in using it. If Central applications where more in demand by the general public then I would be more inclined to build a Central app.

  6. cisnky says:

    I’m still yet to make my first Central application, but I see it’s potential. I would be really interested to see if it will be possible to package our own branded version of the Central container for clients and have my RIA stand out on its own and not like a Macromedia product.

  7. Robert Laing says:

    I’m a designer/flash developer for a pretty well-known new media agency in the UK.I love the idea of Central – there are so many times on the web (especially when shopping online) when I wish that I could use a more responsive and ‘solid’ feeling system – and I think that’s one of the key pulls for Central.What I’m unsure about is the natural progression of Central – and how this may be constrained by the fact that it is a product produced by a software company rather than a set of protocols for presenting applications.If I’m a company such as a bank deciding to develop an application for Central I’m dependent both on Macromedia’s continuing presence and for the ongoing support for Central.If, instead, the idea of Central was ‘this is a way of bringing small-size appolications together – here’s the source code’ and people like those working on Mozilla, and even IE and Safari (and any other browser) could integrate the system into their products then the system would perhaps have a much more promising lifespan and continued growth.Macromedia would still have the main advantage that the obvious environment for developing a Central app would be in Flash, and developers would have a much larger potential user base.Maybe that’s the long-term plan anyway…?

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