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Challenge : Search engine in 4 lines of code?

I was just reading this article about the closing of WebMonkey. One of the things they mentioned were “stunt journalism” articles where they would do things such as write chat engines, or search engines in four lines of code.

Hmm… pretty interesting. So, knowing the ingenuity of the Flash community, I thought I would see what you could do. So, lets start off with something easy, can you create a search engine in Flash in 4 lines of code or less? If so, post the code in the comments (you can use any components included with Flash MX 2004 Pro).

FlashCommand Windows C# Source Code released

I have just uploaded the source code for the Windows version of my FlashCommand command line compiler for Flash MX 2004. You can download the source from here.

I haven’t touched this code in a long time, and it is not documented much. However I wanted to get it out to the community in case anyone wanted to add features or fix bugs.

Robin Debreuil, Owen van Dijk both helped me with some items and contributed some code.

You can download an OS X version of FlashCommand (which includes source) from here.

The only issue that I know of is that the installation code does not currently work.

Anyways, if you make changes or fix anything then post it in the comments. I am interested to see what (if anything) people do with this.

Links and Resources from MXDU Central Session

I just had my introduction to Central session at MXDU, and aside from running into a problem where my preferences got corrupted (which kept Flash from running for about 10 minutes), everything went great.

Here are the links to resources that I mentioned during my session:

If I left anything out, just post it in the comments. (Btw, the conference is rocking).

MXDU Blogger’s Dinner

Sean Corfield is organizing an MXDU blogger’s dinner for Wednesday evening. I just found out about it and will definitely be there.

We are meeting Wednesday night at 7:15 in the hotel lobby. We will leave at 7:30 for the restaurant.

So, are there any other Flash blogger’s planning to attend? if so, let me know.

Update from MXDU

Well, after some weekend help from Val Liberty at Macromedia (thanks for saving me again!), I finally got my dial up access working. Woohoo!. So, I will have email access throughout the week.

I got a chance to see some of the area yesterday, taking a jog around Darling harbor. Unfortunately, I ended up crashing pretty early last night, as the jet lag was finally catching up with me.

Today I am working on my session for tomorrow, and for a short stint in the keynote. I will be heading out to the Macromedia offices to work. Tonight I will be at the National Australian user group meeting which should be very cool. I am not doing any presentations, but will be answering any questions that come up about Flash or Central. I am also looking forward to meeting a lot of people.

You can see a complete list of all of the sessions I will be participating in here.

I made it to Sydney / MXDU

Well, after a 14 hour flight, I have finally made it to Sydney. I am currently hanging out at the hotel with Sean Corfield, waiting to be able to check into my room (it is 9am here, can’t check in until at least 12).

I am really excited about the mxdu conference this week. I have always been impressed by the strength of the Australian developer community, and it will be cool to finally get to meet a lot of them in person. I am staying at the Star City hotel and hope to get to hang out some.

One side note, the hotel doesn’t have internet access, and I forgot to set up my dial up account before I left, so my internet and email access will probably be sporadic until at least Tuesday (Monday in US).

flashcommand Flash command line compiler for OS X

I have built an OS X version of my FlashCommand command line compiler for Flash MX 2004. This uses the Flash MX 2004 extensibility layer to allow you to compile Flash files (FLA) from the command line.

It has a ton of options, and will also catch and redirect any ActionScript compile errors to stdout.

Download FlashCommand

Here is the usage info:

Continue reading…

Executing JSFL from the Command Line on OS X

I am working on an OS X version of my FlashCommand command line compiler, and I ran into a problem of how to tell Flash to run a JSFL file from the command line. Gary Grossman came to the rescue with the answer.

You have to use AppleScript to tell Flash to load the file. Here is an example:

osascript -e ‘tell application “Flash” to open alias “Mac OS X:tmp:myTestFile.jsfl”‘

If you are calling this from a script that uses Unix file paths, then you can use the following command:

osascript -e ‘tell application “Flash” to open posix file “/tmp/myTestFile.jsfl”‘

This will open Flash and have it execute the specified JSFL file.

Central Wallpaper Contest Winners

Well, after going through the 80+ submission, and then counting all of the votes for the 10 finalists, we finally have a winner for the Central Desktop Wallpaper contest.

Here they are:

In 3rd place, and the winner of a stylish Macromedia Central T-Shirt, we actually have a tie:
Created by “sangles”×600
Created by Daniele Ugoletti

In a very close 2nd place, and the winner of a Central tube of goodies:×600.jpg
Created by Abel Rios

And finally, in first place, and the proud new owner of an Xbox is:
Created by Scott Barnes / Team Mossy Blog

If you are one of the winners, send an email to me at with your mailing info.

Thanks to everyone who entered and voted. We were completely blown away by the response, and may do a similar contest for Flash in the future.

Central Desktop Wallpaper Finalist

We have picked 10 finalists from the 80+ submissions to the Central Desktop Wallpaper contest. Since the community made this all happen, we decided to let you help us judge the finalists and pick a winner.

Here are the finalists in no particular order:


Post your vote for the top submission (by it’s number) in the comments. The top vote getter from the community will be guaranteed at least a top 3 spot, and will have added weight with the final judges.

Btw, the Central Team has been completely amazed my the response to this. The quantify and quality of the submissions was simply amazing. Deadline for voting is 5 PM PST (-8:00 UTC), February 18, 2004.