Central Desktop Wallpaper Contest

As you may or may not have seen, a couple of designers have released some Central desktop wallpapers. Even cooler, is that some of them even released their Photoshop sources files so anyone can modify them:

Anyways, I haven’t had a contest since the “Spoof Mike Chambers” contest, so I figured I would hold another one. So, here is the deal, I am holding a contest for the coolest Central related desktop wallpaper. Here are the rules:

  • Submission Deadline is Friday, February 13, 2004
  • The Macromedia Central team will pick the winner.
  • You can enter multiple times
  • To enter post links to your wallpaper in the comments of this thread.
  • Bonus points for providing your source files for other to modify.
  • Bonus points for providing multiple sizes, including:
    • 800×600
    • 1024×768
    • 1280×1024
    • 1280×854
    • 1600×1200

The prizes will be:

  • 1st : Xbox gaming console
  • 2nd : Macromedia Central super schwag pack
  • 3rd : Central T-shirt

You can download some Central assets here.

Post links to your entries in the comments.

84 Responses to Central Desktop Wallpaper Contest

  1. eokyere says:

    supercool prizes… wish i had design skillz

  2. mike chambers says:

    Lucas,Your links are turning up 404s.mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  3. I have released the source files of my wallpapers, you can download here:http://www.ugoletti.com/blog/archives/2004/02/06/central-wallpaper-source-files/.I just working also to a new collection, will coming soon.Daniele

  4. btw, the strange device you see on my wallpaper (see above) is an 300 baud acoustic coupler i built more than 15 years ago

  5. Orange and green background images.Available sizes: 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×960, 1280×1024, 1400×1050, 1600×1200.Also for your customizing pleasure: zipped Photoshop 1600×1200 images and zipped 3ds max files with background gradients. Other resolutions upon request.

  6. rosyflower78 says:

    … the lys photo was taken by JL Guérin, my father 🙂

  7. ericd says:

    #4 of my submissions… the thing doesn’t compress very well, so i offer a zip file of 1600 x 1200, 1024 x 768.check out the 124k 800×600 lossy compressed jpeg for a preview only.http://www.ericd.net/central_desktops/contest/four_previewOnly.jpgnow for the zip file of the 2 sizeshttp://www.ericd.net/central_desktops/contest/four_archive.zip

  8. Neil says:

    Here’s my attempt.I have to clean up the source files and make the other sizes, but I’ll have to do that tomorrow night. Work calls 😉http://www.tri-mediapro.com/downloads/central_desktops/central_WallPaper_1024x768.jpg

  9. PS:i don’t put the source for ‘Feel Unplugged’ ’cause it’s a 8 Mb file..

  10. JEBoothjr says:

    Here are a couple ideas that I came up with:The zipped PSD sources are there as well.http://www.creativebooth.com/central/centralWallpapers/CentralWallpaper.html

  11. rdg says:

    ‘c’ is for cookiepreview-jpg:c_is_for_cookie_320_240.jpgfiles & sources:http://www.preset.de/central/

  12. chall3ng3r says:

    here’s my first entry.it not just a wallpaper, its a set of tools for central developers. rite on your desktop.have a look:http://fsd.webhostme.com/central/i whish….. 😀

  13. Macromedia Central: Open LAte (Stayed Out to Late and Now It Is Morning Version)http://www.werkplace.com/central/werkplace3_800x600.jpghttp://www.werkplace.com/central/werkplace3_1024x768.jpghttp://www.werkplace.com/central/werkplace3_1280x1024.jpghttp://www.werkplace.com/central/werkplace3_1280x824.jpghttp://www.werkplace.com/central/werkplace3_1600x1200.jpgImages on all of these, I just drove cross country (USA) and took these shots. I will post psds of the large size after i seriously compress them, don’t want my bandwidth broken for the month 😉

  14. woops i got my titles flip flopped on my posts sorry!

  15. julio says:

    _______________________________________Here are my entries:Preview and download them here:http://www.jhey.com/bgs/_______________________________________

  16. Jack Smith says:

    The T-shirt should be the winning prize, the x-box should be the consolation prize. No one wants one of thema) Because it is made by Microsoftb) Because it is a brickc) It has not good gamesp.scouldn’t macromedia central be released for playstation 2? PS2 has flash player installed, that would be cool as it would reach a wider audience.Any way, good luck everyone, if this is still open by this afternoon, then I will enter.

  17. Fanlishu says:

    i am a chineseso i like duck colorthis is for 1024*768

  18. Well I finally got around to getting some wallpaper done. I didn’t have a chance to resize them all yet but here ya go!http://www.infinitely-flash.com/IFHome/wallpaper/centralforever_1024x768.jpghttp://www.infinitely-flash.com/IFHome/wallpaper/centralforever_center_1024x768.jpghttp://www.infinitely-flash.com/IFHome/wallpaper/centralforever_centercross_1024x768.jpghttp://www.infinitely-flash.com/IFHome/wallpaper/centralforever_centercrossshots_1024x768.jpghttp://www.infinitely-flash.com/IFHome/wallpaper/centralforever_centercrossshotsVision_1024x768.jpghttp://www.infinitely-flash.com/IFHome/wallpaper/centralforever_centercrossshotsVisionText_1024x768.jpgThe png’s are all there. Just switch the file extension…Ok, so there is one more. However I’m not going to give link, I don’t want any bad press. There’s one called centralExposed. I’ll let you figure out how to view it. Oh yeah, there will be no png along side of this one.. hehehe.

  19. Richard says:

    Ok, one more. Pngs and diff sizes availablehttp://theflashho.com/central/deco.jpg1024 x 768

  20. http://www.infinitely-flash.com/IFHome/wallpaper/OccasionallyConnectedUser_1024x768.jpgOk, i couldn’t resist.. This one was too tempting. Switch extensions for the .png..

  21. aSH says:

    Can we vote? :o) the public choice… ;)aSH

  22. chall3ng3r says:

    my second post,http://fsd.webhostme.com/central/Wallpaper2.ziphttp://fsd.webhostme.com/central/WallPaper2_src.zipjust tring to re-upload DynaDesk source files (DynaDesk_src.zip), check back in few mins.// chall3ng3r //

  23. Phil Earley says:

    http://www.style3.com/centralized_1024x768.zipsource files.. don’t suck my b/w to hell though 😉 14MB.

  24. chall3ng3r says:

    just a quick note that i’ve successfully uploaded the correct source file of DynaDesk (of my first post) to a different server: http://fsd.webhostme.com/central/sorry for the previous (would have been) corrupt version.// chall3ng3r //

  25. maurag says:

    I noted that people were still placing comments on this page during the evening of Friday the 13th… so (assuming the contest ended at midnight), I tossed my other projects aside, put in a video, and played with Photoshop.However, when I came online to post my submissions, I clicked to a related ‘mesh’ webpage — which states a 5 pm (PST) contest deadline… Unfortunately, THIS page simply says the deadline ends “13 Feb 2004.” If there’s any info about a 5 pm deadline posted on this page, I missed it… along with some other folks ;-)I hope that you’ll post any “5 pm PST” deadlines more consistently on all relevant web pages in the future.Three Central Contest Wallpaper images, with associated files, are posted at http://www.infotexts.com/central/centralpapers.htmlThe original Photoshop (7.0) files can be downloaded from that page.I enjoyed looking at the other contributions; particularly the “unplugged dragon.”–maura g

  26. Phil Coffman says:

    So when will the winners be announced?

  27. Greg Moore says:

    We are talking about desktop wallpaper for a technology product… Number 5 is far and away the best. Looks like this guy really knows how to convey a concept through design!