Central Desktop Wallpaper Finalist

We have picked 10 finalists from the 80+ submissions to the Central Desktop Wallpaper contest. Since the community made this all happen, we decided to let you help us judge the finalists and pick a winner.

Here are the finalists in no particular order:

  1. http://www.infinitely-flash.com/IFHome/wallpaper/OccasionallyConnectedUser_1024x768.jpg
  2. http://www.actionscripthero.com/images/desktops/central_desktop/jpg/central_desktop_2_800x600.jpg
  3. http://perso.wanadoo.fr/rosyflower78/central/desk/clouds_1024_768.jpg
  4. http://www.ericd.net/central_desktops/contest/two_1024_768.jpg
  5. http://www.mossyblog.com/centralcomp/centralwallpaper_800x600.jpg
  6. http://www.airios.com/images/desktops/central/centralflow/800×600.jpg
  7. http://www.ugoletti.com/download/Box/800×600
  8. http://www.sangles.com/centralContest/central800x600.jpg
  9. http://fsd.webhostme.com/central/
  10. http://www.ugoletti.com/download/Plug%20different/800×600

Post your vote for the top submission (by it’s number) in the comments. The top vote getter from the community will be guaranteed at least a top 3 spot, and will have added weight with the final judges.

Btw, the Central Team has been completely amazed my the response to this. The quantify and quality of the submissions was simply amazing. Deadline for voting is 5 PM PST (-8:00 UTC), February 18, 2004.

100 Responses to Central Desktop Wallpaper Finalist

  1. Josh Dura says:

    If I had to pick one, it would be #5, but #6 comes in a close second ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Let’s hear it for 6 ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Anonymous says:

    I vote for # 8.Go Sangles !!!!

  4. ktrito says:

    I vote for # 8.Go Sangles !!!!

  5. alex says:

    Love potion #9 – because that is exactly in the spirit of central. But graphically #5 alive does it for me.

  6. ELTIN says:

    Yo voto por # 8.Vamos SantiAunque tenia que ganar el mio ๐Ÿ™

  7. seit says:

    yo voy x el 8!aguante santi! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. some are graphically beautiful… but not very usable as wallpapers…I vote 6

  9. David Bisset says:

    All very good. I literally picked my favorite six, and rolled a die.Came up with #5.

  10. 10pretty cool… remind you allAuthors anonymously giving their work high ratings!?!http://www.markme.com/md/archives/004408.cfmsad world we live in….

  11. marcelo says:

    I vote #8

  12. sangles says:

    very sad this happens, but alway there is something you can do. Ask for ips to check it.cheers SanglesAnd my vote goes for #10

  13. juC says:

    vote nยฐ #4

  14. aSH says:

    Well, my vote is a ‘concept vote’: 1.It’s an excellent concept.Well done Dominick!

  15. richard says:


  16. ros says:

    I vote for #8Is the best one!

  17. Phil says:

    To be perfectly honest #5 is the only plausible demonstration of creativity and graphical ability. Are any of you people aware of the concept of Central and Unplugged???

  18. #5; although I think it is a little bit busy, I still like it. #6 was a very close second.

  19. and my vote goes to……N. 8 !!Clap clap clap!!!!

  20. Calvin says:

    I think #5 is my favorite. But #6 is a close second.

  21. maura g says:

    #5 – (The range of ideas is great).

  22. maura g says:

    #5 – (The range of ideas is great).

  23. Tanya says:

    #5 rocks…. meaning and style.

  24. Matt Robinson says:

    I think number 5 is by far the best and has my vote.It cleverly combines the iconic representations of all the components of Central and shows true graphics talent.Additionally it neatly sums up the meaning and intent of the Macromedia Central product.Your eye is drawn to the center of the wallpaper, but the longer you look, the more it reveals.Excellent work!

  25. chall3ng3r says:

    i vote #9,you can use it as wallpaper as long as you want, you can put icon over it.it will help you while you are developing apps for central.at least, it helped me alot…others are pretty good as well…..// chall3ng3r //

  26. elangovan says:

    I Vote #5, #6, #8

  27. blue.astoria says:

    simple, clean and efficient, I vote for 3

  28. Karin Miles says:

    I vote #3. The logo is distinct and captures our attention with a clear blue sky as the background. Simple, eye-catching and efficient.

  29. Niko Helle says:

    #10, for the great idea

  30. Barry says:

    I like #5. Feel the power!!

  31. Emma says:

    I say #5

  32. caco says:

    #3so cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Derek says:

    I think #4 should be used in print, but it’s not quite right for wallpaper. They are all great ideas. As a desktop, though, my vote is #3.

  34. Rossana says:

    Number 3 is my favourite. I like blue sky & white clouds. Symbol of happiness and good will.

  35. JL says:

    Mmmm, number 3 is the best.

  36. Bill says:

    I vote for #5 first place, #4 second place

  37. Baz says:

    Flowers, clouds? What are we tele-tubbies? Go the fury. I say #5

  38. Fede says:

    #8aguante Santi!best Flasher in .uydonร‚ยดt worry, be free, be happy !

  39. Ivo D. Silva says:


  40. Cort says:

    I vote for #2 as first place. Really neat, fun aesthetic. Beautifull, really. And what’s the point of being unplugged if you don’t get to enjoy the greenishness?Of the more pixel-twister ones, I like #4 the best, very elegant and sharp.

  41. Moises says:

    I go for #10. Go ugoletti go!

  42. zelmar says:

    i vote for #8Vamo’SANGLES carajo!!

  43. rosy says:

    I really love number 6 ! Bravo ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. steve says:

    Vote for #5

  45. Kal says:

    I vote for 3 !

  46. V_corz says:

    vote for #5

  47. micha says:

    my vote is for # 7

  48. cw says:

    vote for #6

  49. Andreas Weber says:

    #2Highly original and with a charming understatement – ‘we don’t need the hype’

  50. I vote for #3 coz that’s my girlfriend and i love her work and her hehe :DYes that’s maybe a bit subjective, but so true ! ๐Ÿ˜€

  51. peurprimal says:

    i vote for #3

  52. JEBoothjr says:

    What? Mine wasn’t picked! : )I like number 8 the best. Simple and clean. I like my desktop images clean, since icons get lost if it’s too busy.

  53. Jon Sala says:

    #4 definately. Already installed ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. ericd says:

    personally i like #4 and am using it because its very clean so as not to interfere with whatever is on the desktop. but since i cannot/will not vote for my own creation, my next fav would be:#8

  55. Greg Moore says:

    We are talking about desktop wallpaper for a technology product… Number 5 is far and away the best. Looks like this guy really knows how to convey a concept through design!

  56. carolina says:

    i love sangles, i mean number 8.keep going…

  57. leland says:

    ooops, wrong vote…i ment to say #6 instead of #5.

  58. mike chambers says:

    ——————————-VOTING IS CLOSEDThanks for everyone’s comments. I will post the winners shortly.——————————-

  59. 1beb says:

    6 for sure… colours are just brilliant!

  60. Daffys says:

    vote for nยฐ 3 of course ๐Ÿ™‚ love you rosy

  61. D. Taylor says:

    #6There are some great ones in there, but most are too busy for me to use as a wallpaper.