I made it to Sydney / MXDU

Well, after a 14 hour flight, I have finally made it to Sydney. I am currently hanging out at the hotel with Sean Corfield, waiting to be able to check into my room (it is 9am here, can’t check in until at least 12).

I am really excited about the mxdu conference this week. I have always been impressed by the strength of the Australian developer community, and it will be cool to finally get to meet a lot of them in person. I am staying at the Star City hotel and hope to get to hang out some.

One side note, the hotel doesn’t have internet access, and I forgot to set up my dial up account before I left, so my internet and email access will probably be sporadic until at least Tuesday (Monday in US).

6 Responses to I made it to Sydney / MXDU

  1. Ben Forta says:

    Wish I was there too, MXDU was great last year, sorry I’ll miss it this time.So, no Internet access in the hotel, and no dial-up, and you still get to post to your blog? You are a miracle worker, man!

  2. Mike – head down to Tropfest (top aussie short film festival ) it’s on tonight at the domain in Sydney. Start at sunset i think. Enjoy

  3. Brett says:

    Yeah my friend is participating in Tropfest. She’s flown over from Perth to be there (on a minimum budget lol).Anyway… Mike for us poor individuals who can’t make it to MXDU… do you think you could post some of the content you talk about 🙂 then I might be able to convince my boss for next year. Have fun anyway.

  4. ericd says:

    have a great time and don’t fall for the foster’s crud – no one drinks it down there.

  5. Cody says:

    Wish I could make it…but I’ll be seeing you in a couple of weeks at Flash Forward SF… Be sure to drop by the Pocket PC Users Group booth and say hello…I’ll be working there…and I have a couple of apps to show…fun stuff…

  6. Barry Moore says:

    Welcome to Oz. See you on the blackjack table.