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Central Application Article and Source Files

Community MX has just released an article about the structure of their CMXtra Central application. It discusses the architecture and who the files are structured, and goes into specific features such as using tooltips, the local file cache and and LCServer.

However, the coolest part of the article is that they have made all of the source code for their CMXtra application available. This is an excellent resource for looking through the code of a complete application and learning how all of the parts fit together.

You can read the entire article here.

Running the SE|PY ActionScript editor on OS X

I have put together a step by step guide to getting the SE|PY ActionScript editor to run on OS X.

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Central Desktop Wallpaper Contest Deadline Today

Just a quick reminder that the Central Desktop Wallpaper Contest deadline is today (5pm PST (-8:00 UTC)).

There have been some amazing submissions thus far, but there is still time to submit them.

You can view the current submissions and info about the contest here.

SE|PY : Python : Editing ActionScript on OS X

I made the switch from Windows to OS X about 3 months ago. I have absolutely loved it and have not had any problems except for one thing. I have not been able to find a good editor to write ActionScript code.

I had been using JEdit, but it is a little to slow and a little too Java for my liking. The other night, I came across the SE|PY editor project.

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Atom ActionScript Class v.22

Just a quick fyi. I have updated my ActionScript 2 Atom class.

You can find more info on the latest changes, and well as view the class here.

New Macromedia Weblog : Mike Downey

Mike Downey, Macromedia Flash Evangelist, has launched a new weblog. It is, not surprisingly, focused on Macromedia Flash.

Mike already has a couple of posts, and this looks like it will end up being a great resource.

You can view the Mike’s here.

Atom ActionScript Class Updated

I have posted a new version of my Atom ActionScript class. This is version .20 and has a number of changes:

  • Supports all elements and attributes specified in Atom spec .03
  • Utilizes W3CDateTime class

I am still calling this a beta, because I am thinking about some major re-factoring. Right now it does not support non-Atom names spaces, and is not constructed in a way that would make it easy to extend to add this functionality. I am trying to figure out how to make it easy to extend in order to add custom name space support.

You can view the latest version of the class here.

You can view a simple example of the class in use here.

Any suggestions or questions? Post them in the comments.

Reminder : Central Desktop Wallpaper Contest

Just a quick reminder that I am hold a contest for the best Central themed desktop wallpaper. There are already a bunch of entries, but the deadline is not until Friday, so there is still plenty of time to make a submission. (Plus, you could win an Xbox!).

You can find more information here.

Another Simple Atom Example

I am getting ready to release a beta of an ActionScript class to load, parse and manipulate Atom feeds.

Here is another simple example that I put together, to help test some of the APIs.

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W3CDateTime ActionScript Class

As part of the ActionScript 2 Atom class that I am putting together, I have created an ActionScript class that represents a W3CDateTime string. This is the format that Atom uses to represent dates.

A beta of the class and simple usage example is included below. If you have any questions or suggestions (especially parsing optimizations), or find any bugs, please post them in the comments.

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