Experience running Flash on Linux?

Have you worked with the Flash MX (NOT Flash MX 2004) version on the Linux operating system using CodeWeaver’s CrossOver Office?  If so, what worked well?  What didn’t work?  How was the general performance and experience?  Did you experience any major bugs or issues?  Would you recommend it to a friend?  Post your input in the comments.

32 Responses to Experience running Flash on Linux?

  1. untitled says:

    no experience yet, but moving flash to linux which I don’t currently run (XP) will make me switch. every developer I speak to doesn’t want anything to do with microsoft. The reason I haven’t switched yet is because I need windows to run flash and photoshop otherwise I would …

  2. Jason Key says:

    I did a while back, and it worked passably. Performance was a bit low, but that was also a machine shortcoming. The main reason I still use it on XP is that some of the tools I still use are in the M$ world. Since MM is starting to get focused on it as perhaps an eventual native port, I will try again and dig deeper and post my notes.Mike, I know I have been a primary nagger in the Linux world for MM products, and I do want to express my own personal thanks for the continued attention that MM is giving to Linux here recently. The payback will be obvious in my opinion, and well worth MM’s time both in payback, and financial gain.

  3. aral says:

    It worked under Wine but there were a few hiccups. It was a while back so I don’t really remember the details.

  4. JT Paasch says:

    I used to use MX under Wine too, it worked just fine for me. But everything runs a bit slow and jerky under Wine, so a native port would be very nice.

  5. Niko says:

    The only reason why I don’t move to linux is because Macromedia doesn’t port their Developpment product (Mainly Flash) to Linux !If it change, I will do the switch !

  6. jerk says:

    What a Whiner..sorry couldn’t resist

  7. jerk says:

    Arg.. I need more coffee and my last comment would have been well suited under JT’s post but nooo Niko had to post a second before me

  8. Aaron says:

    I ran MX under Wine on Mandrake 8.1 a while back. It ran ok, but the fonts in the toolbars were all messed up. Exporting was incredibly slow as well.And even though my true type fonts from windows were successfully carried into Mandrake and available to all other programs, Flash couldn’t read them. The font list was a mess.I gave up after a few days of attempting to use it. If newer versions of Wine work better I’d be willing to try it again.

  9. ste says:

    I have been using Flash MX under vanilla wine on gentoo following franskcorner.org instructions with no problems.Only issue I noticed was that the first tab of the publish settings dialog (the one that allows you to control which other tabs do you see in that dialog) was never showing up, therefore forcing you to always export both swf and html (and only those two) and not allowing you to change the file names.This issue was not showing up when I was using wine to run a Flash MX install from a real windows partition.

  10. Nik Wilets says:

    I have it installed now with crossover office…I have not hit any real problems yet.I don’t use it much because I like a lot of FMX2004’s features. I would love to see FMX2004 ported to Linux.To be honest, if I have to use an older version of Flash then I probably would not be interested in a Linux port. If the latest version was available I would leave windows behind.

  11. Focus says:

    I think Macromedia should focus on improving the mx itself, rather than trying to make mx accessible to linux. Linux is not a serious desktop alternative, despite the fact that many tabloid news organizations and few fanatics want you to believe that linux is a serious contender, it is not. It will never be one. Macromedia is wasting its own energy.

  12. Jared Lyvers says:

    I would have to disagree w/ the last post. I am the Director of Interactive and IT for Lewis Communications. All of our developers run Linux on there destop and only reboot into Windows or use there Mac Laptops to work in Flash.I know that most people would like to see a native port to Linux. However, I have used flash w/ wine on not only my box, but also our other machines. The version of Linux that we are using is a personal build from http://www.linuxfromscratch.org and then the newest versions of wine as they become avalible. The main drawbacks that I have noticed are slow response and high CPU ticks. I havn’t had any problems w/ fonts or even exporting of swf files.Just to show that it could be done, http://www.lowdownandirty.com version 2 was build almost entirely in linux using wine.I know our agency would be more than happy to pay for a Linux port. And I would be more than happy to help test any versions that are being worked on.Jared LyversDirector of Interactive / ITLewis Communications

  13. Mega Lex says:

    Flash runs good on Crossover but draws and behaves weird. specially the flash preview. Same with Dreamweaver. Native port would be perfect i would buy it !!

  14. iS says:

    We also would love to be able to transfer our Devnet License from Windows to Linux.If MM devotes energy to the OSX platform, they could as well do a Linux version, the market should be the same size.We did try Flash MX with Wine on a laptop, but it was too slow to be productive, we had to switch to Win to use it.

  15. iS says:

    This guy needs some help 😉http://f4l.sourceforge.net/

  16. Cryptor says:

    Macromedia could really use a native Linux ver.IMHO it would be much more productive to Macromedia to work on Linux ver then Mac ver. It’s simple math. Macs are like dinosaurs, everyone loves them but their days are numbered. 😉 ( yes I love them too, just like I love my ATARI ST, but it’s not enough to be the best at something to win ). Linux is on the rise, Mac is the exact opposite.

  17. Osiris says:

    Why not porting it to Linux. All the people I ask why they do not switch to Linux is “Dreamweaver/Flash and Photoshop”. Well, PS can be replaced with gimp, but the macromedia things cannot. There are things like quanta+ which grow very fast and in my opionion macromedia should be faster to not lose potential customers there. So far.. 😉

  18. shaun says:

    If the following 4 products were available for Linux (natively): Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator (PrimalScript if not available for Linux) I couldn’t install Linux fast enough. This goes for my designer and developper friends as well. I think as soon as one Company (Adobe, MM) decide to add a Linux line, the other would follow to keep up.

  19. shaun says:

    If the following 4 products were available for Linux (natively): Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator (PrimalScript if not available for Linux) I couldn’t install Linux fast enough. This goes for my designer and developper friends as well. I think as soon as one Company (Adobe, MM) decide to add a Linux line, the other would follow to keep up.

  20. Arensky says:

    I’m actually using FlashMX on a Linux Fedora Core system (i’m also using Dreamweaver MX with Eclipse and Photoshop 7).Well, it looks there is a simple configuration problem in wine.cfg of CXOffice. I cannot minimize any of these app windows, and i’m unable to type a Portuguese Char like “C with ,” or “A with ´”.Another strange problem is the debug function..sometimes does not respond anymore and here I’m sure is a non-native FPlayer Problem.Apart from this.. I work in it all day and I love this OS.. I’m developing 300% faster than in my grandmother’s XP.If Macromedia wants to sell FlashMX IDE perhaps is better to develop it from scratch. CxOffice works fine but it is not safe of the famous Windows bugs.We are 12 developers in this company. We have 6 Linux Servers (3 as WebServers, 3 as LocalServers) and 12 desktop (8 Linux PC’s,2 Mac’s, 2 Windows). Don’t ask me why, I really think it’s obvious.Conclusion:I’ll buy FlashMX IDE as sooner as it is arrived.And same for Dreamweaver wich is a great partner for Eclipse.

  21. gunofason says:

    has anyone got mx 2004 to work with wine yet???? i havnt.

  22. Josh says:

    It would be nice if FlashMX was ported(or rewritten) for linux. I run linux and do enjoy flash(player), but im not going to windows just to use one or 2 products thats stupid. Flash while nice is not a requirement for nice or even spectacular webpages………. although i would use it if ported to linux once again.. Even pay for it..

  23. Benjamin says:

    I think the comments by sceptik and focus were given completely ignorant of the real market for Linux. Just look at the number of distros out there, both commercial and free. Linux is still on the rise, but its already doing great. The commercial Linux distros are holding up well, even though their price is only a fraction of the Windows product line.Although I use WinXP for Photoshop and Macromedia Studio, I use Linux for everything else, and would not hesitate to buy the next Studio for that OS.

  24. a says:

    uh…. basically what everyones already said: if mx is ported to (or even better, rewritten) linux, i would buy it in a heartbeat

  25. Adhgh says:

    I have been reading about linux since a month and trying to find if its the right OS for me. im using flash mx 2004 at windows XP. and really very tried of formatting my PC very offen even though i have an anti-virus, but the windows has the API technology which Linux lacks and that is the main problem i’m not tranfering to Linux or Unix

  26. phunky says:

    I have a dualboot system now with Windows XP and Linux SuSE 9.0. At my work I’m forced to use Windows 2000 Proffesional (for as far as you can call it proffesional) I think Linux and specialy Linux SuSE is a way more powerfull and stable o.s.I’m at the point where I’m gonna try to make Flash work on my Linux system. If it works and even if it has some bugs I’ll entirely remove all the microgarbige from my system and focus entirely on Linux.I believe that the only problem with Linux is the fact that the whole software market is “Microsoft minded” but so are the producers of viruses.

  27. Daniel Eriin says:

    Not actually being a fan of Flash (a C++ background probably being the reason), I still have to code in it alot because that’s what many customers want. Like many others here state, Flash and Dreamweaver are also my two only reasons to still have Windows on this laptop of mine. I run MX under CrossOver Office, but being a coder, it’s hard to not miss AS2, and therefore I boot into Windows to use MX2004 if the job is of a certain size. Seeing Flash 8 being advertised now, still without Linux support is baffling to me. Not only do you support Intel architecture, you also support OSX, which is fundamentally more alike BSD than anything else. It would seem logical that porting to Linux wouldn’t be that large a task. Given knowledge about the people who use Linux – that they’re primarily developers – should be indicative to show that this user group, which is now larger than the Mac user group, has a higher percentage of possible customers to you. Not only am I personally irritated (if I may be so childish) that you do not offer your products for Linux, but also professionally puzzled by it. I sincerely hope that you’ll soon realize the potential of this market and port your products to Linux. I’ll personally re-purchase your entire suite (well, at least Flash and Dreamweaver 😉 when that happens – I’ll even throw in a big, fat, cake with chocolate icing on top!

  28. max says:

    Likewise. After the announcement of Windows Vista and its continuing pattern of security back doors, I am ready to get out of MS at the release of the next OEM desktop. Problem: Flash MX. Far too buggy — and specifically, far too crashy — for my tastes on the G5. I want that reliable MX from Windows, without the conspiratorial OS. Give us Flash for Linux … please! I’ll see phunky’s chocolate cake and raise MM a fine case of Chianti. And I’ll buy the whole suite … twice; one is for my friend who also vows to convert to Linux if Flash is built in it.

  29. John Kebbel says:

    I teach Flash to 6th graders, Dreamweaver to 7th graders, and Flash with a little Actionscript to 8th graders.I own a G5 iMac and a dualboot XP/Linux laptop. I’ll always keep and love a Mac for music (Garageband) and video production, but the only reason I still use XP at home is MX. I am going to try using Wine to run Flash, but I would be interested in a native port of the MX Suite for Linux. Linux is becoming my platform of choice, and I would love to be able to do almost everything there.

  30. James Hall says:

    I know this was posted a while back now but I can say that Flash MX runs fine with only minor graphical glitches under Crossover 5.0 on Linux. Would really like to see a native port and I sorely miss MX 2004 features.

  31. Ian Hilliard says:

    Well so much for Nik wilets comment on Linux not beign a serious desktop contender. 80% of our customers switched to linux last year and looks like the remainder are set to do the same this year. Figure! We have several Web servers, 6 desktops, 2 laptops – all running linux. No MS software here at all.We don’t use Flash because it is not available on Linux and WINE just make a hash of things – so build a native linux version MM and you will auomatically have a purchase for 6 copies here. Looks like this is the general opinion here from what I have been reading. Almost every serious web developer today uses Linux, it just makes sense.Any freelance flash kiddies lookin for work welcome to contact me too.

  32. Nik Wilets says:

    ^^^^I was ego googling and saw this post ^^^^Um, yeah I never said anything that vaguely resembles that Ian. I run Ubuntu, I only wished that the newest version of flash was ported to the platform.