FireFox Flash and Macromedia Search Plugins

I have created some FireFox search plugins for searching Macromedia and Flash resources.

The plugins included are:

function addEngine(name,icon,cat)
if ((typeof window.sidebar == “object”) && (typeof
window.sidebar.addSearchEngine == “function”))
var iconPath;
if(icon != “” && icon != undefined)
iconPath = “”+icon;

cat );
alert(“The Firefox browser is required to install this plugin.”);

Here is a screen shot of the plugins within FireFox:

To install the plugins, simply click the links above (you must be running the FireFox browser).

Thanks to Jon Udell who posted some info that got me started with this.

Post suggestions, questions, problems or new plugins in the comments.

25 Responses to FireFox Flash and Macromedia Search Plugins

  1. Really cool. I’ll install them right now. By the way, don’t you love Firefox?

  2. J-P Keisala says:

    Thanks, I will try out this immediatly! :)Cesar: I sure love firefox 🙂

  3. JohnB says:

    and remember 0.9 will be out very soon, Roadmap says March/April 🙂

  4. shaon says:

    Thank u

  5. Todd Dominey says:

    *Note: For OSX users, the “searchplugins” directory is inside the Firefox application package. Right-click on Firefox, select “Show Package Contents.” Open “Contents/MacOS/searchplugins” and put ’em in there.

  6. ericd says:

    you beat me to that Todd 🙂 was about to post that same exact thing.

  7. Sean Voisen says:

    The Were-Here and FlashCoders ones aren’t working for me. These also happen to be the only two without icons (the second parameter in the javascript). Any ideas?

  8. mike chambers says:

    Sean,I just fixed those. I coudn’t figure out how to install with no icons, so I just did a transparent gif.They work now.mike

  9. Josh Dura says:

    Great stuff man! Thanks!!!! I know I will use these 🙂

  10. Rod Enke says:


  11. 1stpixel says:

    Niceeee!I’m glad you use FF too ;-)I just ‘converted’ my workmates to use it too. now we have 80% of us with FF and 15 using IE … Now Mike, what did you bring you to switch, you did, do you ?!?1stpixel

  12. julien says:

    Greatthanks a lot for sharing

  13. yep :) says:

    Thanks for making this plug-in. Glad that you enjoy Mozilla FireFox!

  14. Paul Mayne says:

    What about Ultrashock? Thanks for the others…

  15. dagwood says:

    Very kind of you to provide these. Excellent time saver!

  16. rutger says:

    Great stuff. thanks so much!

  17. You should submit your mozilla firefox search plugins to the mycroft list.

  18. Frank Klaver says:

    So maybe one of you can explain why pop ups loading my swf are not working in firefox. Not just mine but I get a Quiktime icon and then a broken link symbol. Same whit Netscape lately soI wonder…?

  19. Frank Klaver says:

    Its a plug in issue. You have to install the flash player in the mozilla pluginfolder.

  20. I conjured up a DMXzone search plugin – . I will be releasing FWzone & FLzone & DNzone search plugins this summer too.

  21. Is there Flash liveDocs search Plugin available?

  22. Goose says:

    These don’t seem to work in Firefox 1.5. Nothing happens when I hit the enter key in the search box.

  23. awflasher says:

    Why not package them into one?