Flash Desktop Wallpaper Contest

Since the Central desktop wallpaper contest was such as sucess (nearly 90 submissions), we have decided to do a similar desktop wallpaper content for Macromedia Flash.

Here are the details:

  • Submission Deadline is Friday, April 2, 2004
  • The Macromedia Flash team will pick the winner.
  • You can enter multiple times
  • To enter post links to your wallpaper in the comments of this thread.
  • Bonus points for providing your source files for other to modify.
  • Bonus points for providing multiple sizes, including:
    • 800×600
    • 1024×768
    • 1280×1024
    • 1280×854
    • 1600×1200

The prizes will be:

  • 1st : Choice between an Xbox gaming console or a Timbuk2 Flash Messenger bag (see pict below)
  • 2nd : What ever is not chosen from the first prize
  • 3rd : A Random Macromedia T-shirt

You can download some Flash graphical assets from here.

Post your submissions in the comments.

135 Responses to Flash Desktop Wallpaper Contest

  1. ketan says:

    can we use flash instead of jpgs πŸ˜‰ ?

  2. ketan says:

    can we flash instead of jpgs πŸ˜‰ ?

  3. retsoced says:

    I dig that Timbuk2 bag, much coller than my plain black one! I want it! Here’s my submission:800 x 6001024 x 7681280 x 10241600 x 1200

  4. bryan says:

    Is the contest open to flashers THE WORLD OVER?

  5. P.A.D says:

    hi everyone !here is mine πŸ™‚http://www.the-hjk.com/wallpaper/wallpaper_1280x1024.jpgps: i love your wallpaper keith πŸ™‚

  6. dv8 says:

    Hey Laurynas nice scan of the MX box πŸ™‚ LOL

  7. nick says:

    Here is my try :desktop.psd800x6001024x7681280x10241280x8541600x1200

  8. Scott Wills says:

    :: FIRESTARTER ::www.1wills.com/wallpaper/sw_flashWallpaper_001_1024x768.jpgwww.1wills.com/wallpaper/sw_flashWallpaper_001_800x600.jpg:: LIQUID SPLASH ::www.1wills.com/wallpaper/sw_flashWallpaper_002_1024x768.jpgwww.1wills.com/wallpaper/sw_flashWallpaper_002_800x600.jpg:: RAINBOW FOG ::www.1wills.com/wallpaper/sw_flashWallpaper_003_1024x768.jpgwww.1wills.com/wallpaper/sw_flashWallpaper_003_800x600.jpg:: PROFESSIONAL EMBERS ::www.1wills.com/wallpaper/sw_flashWallpaper_004_1024x768.jpgwww.1wills.com/wallpaper/sw_flashWallpaper_004_800x600.jpgHope you like ’em! πŸ™‚

  9. ericd says:

    My apologies for the horrible English in my post.

  10. replicat says:

    I guess You should give the comments. : )Hope it can be seen. Good job everyone so far!

  11. I made my entry ENTIRELY IN FLASH.You can view all source files (FLA) and all 20 different versions here:http://www.emptyproductions.com/flashWallpaperI hope you like ’em. There should be enough variety to ensure a proper wallpaper color for everyone…even a pink one.Also, I made every line/shape in MX 2004 Pro, no bitmaps here. Everything was done by hand from scratch…and boy, Macromedia could’ve picked an easier character to generate other than that Latin lowercase F… πŸ™‚

  12. lee kerr says:

    sorry about the short file names photoshopdid it

  13. eric…ouch… flash reborn was hot!

  14. Michael says:

    Eric’s submission is really just one of Adni18’s (links below) work with an “f” tossed in. If you look closely on the “flash reborn” wallpaper, you can actually see that it SAYS adni18 near the lower right corner…Adni18 on DeviantArt:http://adni18.deviantart.com/Adni18’s Page:http://www.adni18.com/

  15. Steve says:

    Nice catch, Michael, but both are actually adni18 works. If you open the psd file and do a little looking around(adding/subtracting layers and zooming), you can find the adni18 name there as well. Who knows though…eric may in fact be adni18. ;)BTW, I really like your submissions and the fact that they were done purely in flash. Good luck to you!

  16. Michael says:

    Steve -You may well be right. I could only view the PSD for the “convergence” wallpaper, as the link to the other one (the one with the adni18 watermark) links to the convergence source, not the proper source.I just thought I’m mention it, and as with everything I do, I’ll remain skeptical until proven wrong. :)If Eric had posted the source .3DS or whatever along with the PSD, then I’d have believed ‘im from the start.And thanks, that means a lot. I’ve been perfecting my Flash drawing techniques for decades…DECADES!**No, not really…

  17. YoungLink says:

    did you mean fla or swf?

  18. Jyve says:

    My vision of Flash promotion :http://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/bluecoast-1600×1200.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/bluecoast-1280×1024.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/bluecoast-1280×854.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/bluecoast-1024×768.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/bluecoast-800×600.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/greycoasthills-1600×1200.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/greycoasthills-1280×1024.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/greycoasthills-1280×854.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/greycoasthills-1024×768.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/greycoasthills-800×600.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/redsand-1600×1200.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/redsand-1280×1024.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/redsand-1280×854.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/redsand-1024×768.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/redsand-800×600.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/redsky-1600×1200.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/redsky-1280×1024.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/redsky-1280×854.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/redsky-1024×768.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/redsky-800×600.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/yellowscape-1600×1200.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/yellowscape-1280×1024.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/yellowscape-1280×854.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/yellowscape-1024×768.jpghttp://www.joeyvandijk.nl/flshwllpprs/yellowscape-800×600.jpg

  19. mani says:

    well, errr, i guess it’s got zero chance of winning – but i think it’s definitely the most appropriate wallpaper for fMX2004 πŸ˜‰http://www.interactiveland.com/flash_wallpaper/itscrawling.jpg

  20. Michael says:

    I like the bug! Is that all vector-based? (like, 100% flash-created even?)

  21. mani says:

    hehe thx! yeh – outlined in Illustrator then imported and colored and shaded in Flash (and it didn’t crash once!). ;-)If i thought i had a chance of winning, i’d have to share the prize with someone called Marlin E. Rice, who took the original photo it’s based on:http://www.ent.iastate.edu/imagegal/hemiptera/stinkbug/green_stink_bug_nymph.htmlbut i guess people realize that this wasn’t an entirely serious contribution.i also started a Flash ladybug – maybe i finish that if i have the time…

  22. mani says:

    Due to errr… popular demand (thanks Michael)… i decided to do that ladybug.http://www.interactiveland.com/flash_wallpaper/2buggy.jpgKinda rush job cuz the girlfriend wanted help cookin’ dinner – and she DOESN”T want me to win an XBox, anyway. πŸ™

  23. Dave Catherall says:

    I think the Ladybug is fantastic…

  24. Michael says:

    I like your gradient and skewing techniques. πŸ™‚

  25. adni18 says:

    Thanks Dominick Accattato for your post above.Though, I wasn’t abble to check it, I can’t find the link of it.Can you please send me the link?Thank you any way πŸ™‚

  26. adni18 says:

    theranch,No, eric it is NOT adni18, I never have use another nick name.Where are those submissions any way, can someone please sent me a link?Thanks πŸ™‚

  27. I knew it!Just search this page for “reborn”…the links should be right below ’em.

  28. adni18 says:

    YES, the http://www.ericd.net/flash_desktops/flash_galaxy_1280.jpgit is my work/wallpaper, “Activity”, therefore I am sorry eric, this is a RIP, you didn’t asked for any permission.

  29. Dave Catherall says:

    Come on Eric! Design your own stuff…. It ain’t fair rippin’ anothers design off, some people take a lot of time in their creations. I think an apology is called for, not only to ‘adni18’ but to everyone else on this page who has taken the time to create some damn fine work.

  30. N G Rohler says:

    My three entries:1. Sculpture2. Wall3. GlassAll three are located at:http://www.elkfoot.com/flashcontest/They are all available in the following resolutions:1600 x 12001280 x 10241280 x 8541024 x 768800 x 600The source files can be downloaded from the page, too.

  31. rjs says:

    Yeah! Got time to do finish one.To view please visit:http://www.frame7.com/flashwallpaper/All the sizes are there as well as the source (…which is 32mb! Right-click to download).

  32. replicat says:

    Hy!Here’s the new breed-hope you like it.http://www.extra.hu/vertigos/flashnonmoving/concept_2_800x600.jpghttp://www.extra.hu/vertigos/flashnonmoving/concept_3_1024x768.jpghttp://www.extra.hu/vertigos/flashnonmoving/concept_4_800x600.jpgAs I get some more time to work, there will be other sizes accessible.By the way, what’s the final deadline? I mean in exact time (GMT)?Please someone tell me?Thanx:RePlicat

  33. chall3ng3r says:

    my first entries, and all of em are bit ODD.i’ve just bought a cell, its nokia 3510i, 4096 color, res: 96×65. its used, but looks like new. (i can’t afford high-fi new model)i’ve just explored that all color cells support wallpapers, so i decided to create wallpapers for cells. most cells have 128×128 resulotion, and mine have 96×65, so u’ll fine wallpapers for these resulotions.here are the links:its for Flexhttp://www24.brinkster.com/chall3ng3r/flashmx/flex_processor_96.jpghttp://www24.brinkster.com/chall3ng3r/flashmx/flex_processor_128.JPGfor flash:http://www24.brinkster.com/chall3ng3r/flashmx/kb_96.jpghttp://www24.brinkster.com/chall3ng3r/flashmx/kb_128.jpghttp://www24.brinkster.com/chall3ng3r/flashmx/wp1.JPGi’ll upload sources later tonighthope u guys will like the idea,// chall3ng3r //

  34. chall3ng3r says:

    here’s a liitle screenshot of my 3510i:http://www24.brinkster.com/chall3ng3r/flashmx/scrshot.jpg// chall3ng3r //

  35. mani says:

    Strangely enough, this wallpaper is based on a true story! ;-)Maybe i get extra points for that? hehehttp://www.interactiveland.com/flash_wallpaper/unexpectedly.jpgok… i think i got my general theme across now! :-)Seeya!

  36. N G Rohler says:

    Two more entries:4. Subway5. TunnelThese two & previous three are located at:http://www.elkfoot.com/flashcontest/They are all available in the following resolutions:1600 x 12001280 x 10241280 x 8541024 x 768800 x 600The source files can be downloaded from the page, too.

  37. N G Rohler says:

    One more entry:6. LightThis one & previous five are located at:http://www.elkfoot.com/flashcontest/This one is available in the following resolutions:1280 x 10241280 x 8541024 x 768800 x 600The source file can be downloaded from the page, too.

  38. Scott Barnes says:

    GRRR i just realised someone else has used the “Flasher” dude…I didn’t see that until now, so i guess two minds are alike in this case…He was officially first, so therefore if its a ruling on same content or shit like that, i bow before him/her…

  39. gn says:

    [project1 jpg][1] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flash mx 2004 pro flashants project1 1600_1200.jpg[2] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flash mx 2004 pro flashants project1 1280_1024.jpg[3] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flash mx 2004 pro flashants project1 1024_768.jpg[4] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flash mx 2004 pro flashants project1 800_600.jpg[project2 jpg][1] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flash mx 2004 pro flashants project2 1600_1200.jpg[2] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flash mx 2004 pro flashants project2 1280_1024.jpg[3] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flash mx 2004 pro flashants project2 1024_768.jpg[4] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flash mx 2004 pro flashants project2 800_600.jpg[project3 jpg][1] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flash mx 2004 pro flashants project3 1600_1200.jpg[2] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flash mx 2004 pro flashants project3 1280_1024.jpg[3] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flash mx 2004 pro flashants project3 1024_768.jpg[4] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flash mx 2004 pro flashants project3 800_600.jpg[1] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flash mx 2004 pro flashants projectextra 1024_768.jpg[2] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flash mx 2004 pro flashants projectextra 800_600.jpg[psd][1] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/project1.psd[2] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/project2.psd[3] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/project3.psd[extra] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/projectextra.psd

  40. gn says:

    oops!again:[project1 jpg][1] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flashmx2004proflashantsproject1_1600_1200.jpg[2] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flashmx2004proflashantsproject1_1280_1024.jpg[3] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flashmx2004proflashantsproject1_1024_768.jpg[4] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flashmx2004proflashantsproject1_800_600.jpg[project2 jpg][1] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flashmx2004proflashantsproject2_1600_1200.jpg[2] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flashmx2004proflashantsproject2_1280_1024.jpg[3] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flashmx2004proflashantsproject2_1024_768.jpg[4] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flashmx2004proflashantsproject2_800_600.jpg[project3 jpg][1] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flashmx2004proflashantsproject3_1600_1200.jpg[2] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flashmx2004proflashantsproject3_1280_1024.jpg[3] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flashmx2004proflashantsproject3_1024_768.jpg[4] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flashmx2004proflashantsproject3_800_600.jpg[1] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flashmx2004proflashantsprojectextra_1024_768.jpg[2] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/flashmx2004proflashantsprojectextra_800_600.jpg[psd][1] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/project1.psd[2] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/project2.psd[3] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/project3.psd[extra] http://www.embergep.hu/flashmx2004prowp/projectextra.psd

  41. Miicro says:

    Here’s my submission, its something i was working on already… just happened across this comp, so I didn’t have time for extra sizes and i’m in work so i can’t do anything about that. no bonus points for me then :1024×768 ::http://www.miicro.net/random/desktop001.htmlset your desktop to this url!

  42. Neko says:

    :::NEKO2004:::…it’s quite crowdy here, and many went HQ with this. Congratulations for everyone an specially for those who believe their work outstands. It does.Now… here what I’ve got for you to tear apart : )http://www.estadodigital.com/Neko/FlaMX02032004/FlaMXPro640x480.jpghttp://www.estadodigital.com/Neko/FlaMX02032004/FlaMXPro800x600.jpghttp://www.estadodigital.com/Neko/FlaMX02032004/FlaMXPro1024x768.jpghttp://www.estadodigital.com/Neko/FlaMX02032004/FlaMXPro1280x854.jpghttp://www.estadodigital.com/Neko/FlaMX02032004/FlaMXPro1280x1024.jpghttp://www.estadodigital.com/Neko/FlaMX02032004/FlaMXPro1600x1200.jpgEDITABLE Photoshop PSDhttp://www.estadodigital.com/Neko/FlaMX02032004/FlaMXProEspace1600x1200.psd///My gratitude for Eric Tulle @EstadoDigital.com for drawing my attention to this and his FTP space.

  43. Here are my entries:1. BlueBadge2. WhiteRed3. OrangeRed4. GreenBlue5. Reborn6. Vortex7. BluePressThe wallpapers are located here:http://www.williampolito.com/fmx2004/wallpaper/They are available in thefollowing resolutions:800 x 6001024 x 7681280 x 8541600 x 1200Source files are available, as well.EnjoyWilliam

  44. mani says:

    Last of my errr… ‘themed’ contributions… πŸ˜‰http://www.interactiveland.com/flash_wallpaper/bug_rally.jpgFlash MX2004Pro actually crashed 4 times while i made this – i was copying-pasting kinda fast, and pow!! it just went time-after-time.Now how did it KNOW what i was drawing…?

  45. replicat says:

    The last-I guess out of contest:http://dreamend.uw.hu/flashnonmoving/c5_1.jpghttp://dreamend.uw.hu/flashnonmoving/c5_2.jpghttp://dreamend.uw.hu/flashnonmoving/c5_3.jpghttp://dreamend.uw.hu/flashnonmoving/c5_4.jpghttp://dreamend.uw.hu/flashnonmoving/c5_5.jpgGreat works done, congratulations to every partcipant!It was a very challenging theme in fact-now waiting for the results…Thanx:replicat

  46. mike chambers says:

    Submissions are closed.Thanks to everyone who submitted. Winners will be announced next week.mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  47. MAREEZ says:

    Sorry For Delay….Plz Excuse

  48. sajid says:

    is this still open? I have designs to submit.

  49. James says:

    You guys are SOOOOO CHEAP!You guys are floding the net with macromedia FREE artwork… Does all your work just values as cheap as a bag and a t-shirt?!?!?!c’mon guys! if macromedia wants tons of art-work just hire and pay people to do it, not give out a poor tshirt and a bag

  50. William from Nigeria says:

    Hey James it was explicitely stated that designs work are to be submitted voluntary. No one was begged to submit anything for free.If you are interested, you submit. If not keep your work to yourself. Got me?

  51. dyha says: