FlashCommand Downloads Fixed

I have fixed all of the download links for my FlashCommand command line compilers (and source).

You can download them from:



Sorry for any hassle. Thanks to Chafic Kazoun for helping me locate some lost files.

4 Responses to FlashCommand Downloads Fixed

  1. It’s great to have a command line compiler for Flash, and really helps with automated build procedures. Ours runs as a windows service though and I have been unable to get flashcommand to work except in fully interactive mode. Any hints?

  2. Brad Choate says:

    And now they’re broken again… “File not found: /mesh/archives/2004/02/flashcommand_fl.cfm”

  3. mike chambers says:

    >And now they’re broken again…Just fixed them (again…).sorry for the hassle…mike chambersmchamber@adobe.com

  4. chris mac says:

    Hi Mikelooking for a command to use in your commandline tool to select “omit trsce staements” is it there and I am just blind?