Macromedia Flash Video Gallery Source Code Release

We have released all of the source FLAs from the movies from our Flash Video gallery. What is the Flash Video Gallery? From the site:

The Flash Video Gallery is an interactive showcase of Macromedia Customer videos, produced by the Marketing team at Macromedia.

Not sure how many there are, but it looks like a lot. This is a great resource for seeing how some of these movies are put together.

You can download the source files from here.

[via Mike Downey]

6 Responses to Macromedia Flash Video Gallery Source Code Release

  1. Martin O says:

    This example is so great for helping to sell flash to ITO’s – They can get it!Great work macrmesh

  2. We use FLAs to deliver travel videos using Sorenson Squeeze because of the limitations of the old Flash MX not able to stitch files.Can Flash 2004 Pro handle larger/longer movie lengths?Thoughts?

  3. Rob Abbott says:

    I found this Monday I think on It’s a great sell for us internally, getting Flash technology in projects is a monumental task…this is a perfect example of the new capabilities of Flash MX 2k4 Pro. (everyone thinks Flash means PowerPoint on steriods…bad reputation…don’t know why)It’s nice to see source files and compare architecture of Flash files with what our team builds. Great stuff!

  4. Mike, from what I understand, the source files are for the video gallery itself, not each of the movies it contains. Just to clarify. 🙂 Good stuff though.

  5. Anonymous Coward says:

    as above – really useful to see how mm builds a flash project. has helped me enormously just looking at the structure and some of the .as files.thanks once more

  6. lee says:

    immense guys. like the way u used oo concepts properly!no one i know actually bothers to do that with flash yet..we just bung the actionscript in usually!