New Components EULA Supplement

We have released a supplement to the Flash MX 2004 components EULA. Basically, this allows you to redistribute components that use the Macromedia components (as long as you provide “material value” with the changes).

You can find more information and details here.

3 Responses to New Components EULA Supplement

  1. Phil Vessey says:

    I am still confused by this 🙁 Does this mean as long as an fla file contains only the compiled version of the components and cant be edited, that its ok to include them in fla files that we are distributing?That is the standard non pro components for MX2004.

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  3. Jon Bradley says:

    Hey Mike,I’ve got a post over on Grant’s site ( and had an additional question:Does this EULA have any affect over the DRK components that MM distributes? I’ve still got some concerns over the distribution model for those and am not 100% certain if there is cross over between the two EULAs for those products (standard MM components and DRK components).Interesting in hearing more…