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New Components EULA Supplement

We have released a supplement to the Flash MX 2004 components EULA. Basically, this allows you to redistribute components that use the Macromedia components (as long as you provide “material value” with the changes).

You can find more information and details here.

Experience running Flash on Linux?

Have you worked with the Flash MX (NOT Flash MX 2004) version on the Linux operating system using CodeWeaver’s CrossOver Office?  If so, what worked well?  What didn’t work?  How was the general performance and experience?  Did you experience any major bugs or issues?  Would you recommend it to a friend?  Post your input in the comments.

FlashPlayer 7 for Linux Beta

We are about to start a beta for the Linux version of Flash Player 7. If you would like to be added to the beta, please send your name and email address to:

UPDATE : Thanks for all of the beta requests. We now have enough people for the current beta. I will post here if / when we expand the beta.

As far as an eta for a public release, I don’t have an exact date, but I can say it will be sooner rather than later.

Central Trace Panel for OS X Source Released

I have released the source for the Central Standalone Trace panel for OS X app that I put together.

The source is in Objective-C (written in X-Code) and Interface Builder.

You can download the source (as well as the app) from here.

Developer Chat this morning

FYI, I am going to be hanging around in the developer chat for the next hours or so, so if you want to hang around and say hi, drop on in.

You can install the dev chat from here.

Macromedia Flash Video Gallery Source Code Release

We have released all of the source FLAs from the movies from our Flash Video gallery. What is the Flash Video Gallery? From the site:

The Flash Video Gallery is an interactive showcase of Macromedia Customer videos, produced by the Marketing team at Macromedia.

Not sure how many there are, but it looks like a lot. This is a great resource for seeing how some of these movies are put together.

You can download the source files from here.

[via Mike Downey]

Central Failing? More FUD? ran an article on Central, this morning a large section of which is a rehash of Jesse Ezell’s previous pronouncements that “Central is failling”. Not much new information is brought up in the article, although this did catch my eye:

Macromedia hasn’t done enough to establish the benefits of Central to justify the cost of developing for it.

Well, I agree nearly 100% with that. We are building out the platform which is something that is going to take some time. Does the developer’s release have everything that developers want? No, definately not. That is why we have been very active in talking to developers and asking them what they want. It is why we are working on the next version of Central and adding the features that developers have been asking us for. It is why we are working with developers to help us revise the licesning. Our primary goal is to build a platform that developers want to and can use.

However, this is going to take time, and we definately realize that. Not only do we have to build the platform, and add the things that develoeprs want, but we also have to make fundamental performance improvements to the player. Moving forward, this is our top priority across the Flash platform. Not only is this vital for developers, but it is also vital for Macromedia as we are building a number of tools and solutions that rely on the platform. However, it will take time to build out the platform, and address these issues.

I do find one thing odd though. If Central is such a failure and non-starter, then why is someone like Jesse Ezell, a Microsoft developer and evangilist, spending so much time and energy talking about and spreading FUD about Central and Flash? Is it because he can look down the road 1 or 2 years and see the real potential of Central?

Of course, we are not there yet, which is one reason we have not pushed Central to the general public. However, I am very excited about the potential that Central offers over the next couple of years. Regardless, one thing is for certain, things are going to get very interesting.

FlashCommand Downloads Fixed

I have fixed all of the download links for my FlashCommand command line compilers (and source).

You can download them from:



Sorry for any hassle. Thanks to Chafic Kazoun for helping me locate some lost files.