Flash Desktop Wallpaper Contest Winners

We have finality picked the winners for the Flash Desktop Wallpaper Contest. There were over 150 submissions(!) and it was tough picking the winners from all of them. I picked out 10 finalists, and then the Flash team voted on their top three.

Anyways, here are the winners in order:

  1. http://www.infinitewebdesign.com/Flash_Wallpaper/metro_800x600.jpg
  2. http://www.frame7.com/flashwallpaper/
  3. http://www.tiszanet.hu/varkonyi/theMXman/theMXman_800x.jpg

If you are one of the winners, send me an email (mesh@macromedia.com) so I can send out your prizes.

Thanks to everyone who participated. We were really blown away by the quality of the submissions.

You can view all of the submissions from here.

7 Responses to Flash Desktop Wallpaper Contest Winners

  1. fred says:

    Is there a way to see the top ten ?

  2. Zoltan says:

    What is so special about the Metro station overlayed with a Flash logo? There is no ‘funtazie’ in it at all. 5 minutes of work… Oh that’s the winner also… Hm…

  3. sans nom says:

    I don’t understand how could you guys chose that Metro thing…. Did you guys saw Beamcarver’s wallpapers??? There are a lot more imagination in those wallpapers!!! I think you should take a look at those!!!http://www.beamcarver.com/go/flashmx_wallpaper/beamcarver_1_800x600.jpghttp://www.beamcarver.com/go/flashmx_wallpaper/beamcarver_2_800x600.jpghttp://www.beamcarver.com/go/flashmx_wallpaper/beamcarver_3_800x600.jpghttp://www.beamcarver.com/go/flashmx_wallpaper/beamcarver_4_800x600.jpgThese wallpapers are so cool!!!

  4. beamcarver says:

    Thanks for the comments!It was probably just bad luck for me. From some locations, clicking on my links might have returned a 403 error. The wallpapers were still accessible by copying the URLs to the address bar, but presumably most visitors (including Macromedia) gave up seeing the error message. Still, I really enjoyed the contest!

  5. Kevin says:

    beamcarver’s designs are really impressive, so were a bunch of the other ones in the contest. I’m sorry to hear some of you didn’t care for my design, I actually put a great deal of time and thought into it, trying to get just the right composition and feel. Anyhow, I’m really honored that my design was chosen, especially considering the high quality of the other designs. I felt like I should respond, just to say that the design wasn’t a 5 minute overlay job, it was something I put a lot of time, effort, and feeling into. I don’t want to start an argument or make a big deal out of this, but this was a real honor for me, I am proud of my work and humbled to have been a part of such great company in the other designers who entered.

  6. logohunter says:

    The first ten. There’s only two with origin idea. theMXman800x and bulb800x600. The others only playing with nothing.And of course beamcarver is really cool.