Flash Resource Manager : Flex / CF support

Here is a sneak peak of the next beta build of my Flash Resource Manager application.

This screen shot shows the new support for Macromedia HTML based help (in this case Flex, ColdFusion and Central).

Click for full size image.The new version will be available in the next couple of days.

3 Responses to Flash Resource Manager : Flex / CF support

  1. ericd says:

    awesome. I see back/next in there too. just super sweet!

  2. N G Rohler says:

    Looks very cool!How about dreamweaver api reference?

  3. M. Freedom Luthuli says:

    i like your applications. I need them buti cannot afford as i am th e student. i amdoing information technology in South Africa. Can you forward me a demo for flashes to practice for my internet programming course.i’ll be glad if my request can be taken intoconsideration.