MXNA Feed Scroller Mods

Wow. A couple of people have already taken the code for the MXNA Feed Scroller and improved upon it.

Peter Elst turned it into a ScreenSaver.

Eric Dolecki updated it with a new look.

Hmmm…. I think I see a contest coming on…. 🙂

7 Responses to MXNA Feed Scroller Mods

  1. Graeme says:

    Mike, I can’t get this to run anywhere. I even tried out Peter’s screensaver and also wandered over to Eric’s site but none of them work. They either show nothing, or everything is undefined. I’ve tested it on two different networks and computers.

  2. ericd says:

    Hmmm – its not working for you? On my site? Do you have the F7 player?

  3. Graeme Bull says:

    You bet I do. Really weird. Do you think it’s a domain issue? OS language issue? But no matter where I try it from, it doesn’t work… darn.

  4. nick says:

    Tiny modification allowing to pause and unpause a post.

  5. mike chambers says:

    That is odd. If you receive undefined in the fields, it means that you got a response from the server.Anyone else having this issue?mike

  6. A little late then never I guess…I have been busy with work and other projects or I would have gotten this up quicker. John Bland and myself put together a Pocket PC app based off of Mike’s original code. We added a few features (ability to list post by category, jump forward and back, and pause posts). For those without a Pocket PC I put together an HTML page you can see it working. Check out to view it and download it if you have a Pocket PC.Enjoy 🙂

  7. blake says:

    So this MXNA is an aggregator of Macromedia news. What I’m trying to figure out is two things:1) how did you take your SWF and create a screensaver out of it2) is it possible to have the screensaver do more than animations — ie, can it load XML, images, videos from websites?I’m curious as to whether a screensaver application could be built in flash that would deliver the latest news, along with photos/video, from certain websites?