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GIF vs PNG support in Flash Player

There has been an interesting thread on Flash Coders over the past couple of days discussing whether the Flash Player should support dynamically loading GIFs and / or PNGs.

So, which would you prefer? If we could only add one format, would you prefer we add support for dynamically loading GIFs or dynamically loading PNGs? Why?

Post your thoughts in the comments.

Tutorial : Using Flash Resource Manager with Flex Docs

Owen Van Dijk has put together a step by step tutorial showing how to use the Flash Resource Manager to read the Flex docs.

This will also work with other HTML based docs, such as ColdFusion.

You can view the entire tutorial here.

You can find out more about Flash Resource Manager here.

Great Flash / MX Magazine (MX Magazine)

I just got back from the FlashForum Konferenz in Dusseldorf, Germany, which was really a greate conference. While there I picked up a copy of MX Magazine, and was really impressed with the quality and quantity of articles (especially on Flash).

If you are in Europe, and you can read German (or at least fake it), I strongly suggest checking this magazine out. It is one of the best magazines (if not the best) I have seen that covers Flash topics.

You can find more info here (in German).

Flash Player 7 for Linux is Available

Flash Player 7 for Linux is now available for download.

You can find more info as well as download it from here.

You can read the press release here.

Excluding Classes from being Compiled into SWF

Did you know that you can exclude ActionScript classes from being compiled into the final SWF? You may want to do this to decrease file size, but still have the classes avaliable for type checking.

You can find out how to exclude classes from being compiled here.

Links from “Architecting Flash Applications” session

I am in Dusseldorf now for the FlashForum Konferenze 2004. I am really impressed by the conference, and all of the cool stuff I have seen thus far (both in the conference, and from talking to developers).

Anyways, I gave a talk this morning on Architecting Flash Applications, and promised that I would post the links to some of the resources and URLs mentioned during my session. So, here they are:

You can also download my Flash Resource Manager from here.

I will be speaking again tomorrow afternoon, talking about our vision and roadmap for the Flash platform and ecosystem.

Btw, I will post more on the user group meetings from this week a little later.

Early Pictures from Northern European User Group Tour

I have posted some early pictures of my User Group tour in Northern Europe (Amsterdam, London, Edinburgh and Copenhagen thus far).

You can view the pictures here.

I will post some more info and pictures as soon as I get some sleep.

Amsterdam Macromedia User Group Meeting Tonight

I just landed in Amsterdam and made it to my hotel. As much as I want to go for a nice stroll and eat some herring and lekkerbeckies, I have to hang around here and finish up my presentation (I couldn’t plugin my laptop on the flight). I will be speaking tonight at the inaugural meeting of the Amsterdam Macromedia User Group, so if you happen to be in the Netherlands, make sure to drop by.

You can find more info on the meeting tonight here.

Btw, I will be in London tomorrow night for the London Macromedia User Group meeting (along with Grant Skinner, Arul Balkan, Peter Hall, Owen Van Dijk and Guy Watson). You can find more info on that meeting here.

Community Week is this Week!

I am sorry I didn’t post this earlier, but Macromedia community week is going on all this week.

What is community week? From the website:

Macromedia is celebrating our customer community by hosting a week-long series of customer-focused events. Participate in these free online presentations and Wednesday’s worldwide meeting to learn tips and tricks from Macromedia product teams and your peers.

There are tons of daily and free chats and sessions, including a huge world wide user group meeting (which I have on good authority will contain a lot of sneak peaks).

You can find more information, including the schedules for the MacroChats and WorldWide user group meeting here.

Flash to the Physical World : MakingThings AS 2 Library

MakingThings has released an ActionScript 2 library and documentation for their Teleo device sets. This is basically a kit that allows you to control from Flash all sorts of devices, sensors and controllers attached to your computer.

I have been playing around with this, and it is really cool. The library is really simple to use, and makes creating Flash applications that are tied to devices and sensors super simple to create. I will be posting some pictures and maybe video of a couple of projects I have been working on as soon as I get back from Europe.

In the mean time, you can download the library here, and check out the class documentation here. You can also get a Teleo introductory set here.