Early Pictures from Northern European User Group Tour

I have posted some early pictures of my User Group tour in Northern Europe (Amsterdam, London, Edinburgh and Copenhagen thus far).

You can view the pictures here.

I will post some more info and pictures as soon as I get some sleep.

5 Responses to Early Pictures from Northern European User Group Tour

  1. Daniel Dura says:

    Hey Mike, did you rent a car in Edinburgh and drive around like it was Project Gotham 2? 🙂

  2. Hi Mike,It was GREAT having you here – thanks a bunch.By the way, the church pictured here (http://mesh.typepad.com/photos/europe_may_2004/img_2184.html) is the church where the recent royal wedding was held – in case you didn’t guess that by the huge number of people visiting it.Feel free to come back anytime, and we’ll put a tour of Copenhagen in for free :]

  3. Mike – good to see you in Edinburgh; glad you got a small taste of the Project Gotham tour ;), before making us risk life and limb asking for your dessert….See you when you’re back here…

  4. Paul Lang says:

    Mike,I was at the Edinburgh session and enjoyed it thoroughly. I appreciate you taking the time to fly across “the pond” to visit us – I’m sure you have better things to do on a Friday night than watch a large group of Scotsmen drink beer!

  5. EL Mystica says:

    You went to Amsterdam without visiting the Red Light Disctrict?? That’s a life wasted in here…