Excluding Classes from being Compiled into SWF

Did you know that you can exclude ActionScript classes from being compiled into the final SWF? You may want to do this to decrease file size, but still have the classes avaliable for type checking.

You can find out how to exclude classes from being compiled here.

9 Responses to Excluding Classes from being Compiled into SWF

  1. Patrick Whittingham says:

    Mike,Is this part of mx or mx2004?Pat

  2. Daniel Dura says:

    This is part of MX 2004

  3. Vera says:

    That livedocs link doesn’t seem to work.

  4. Gary Burgess says:

    The link does seem to work actually, but very slowly (sat on the Flash logo for about a minute).

  5. icee says:

    Thanks to Mike for pointing out this convenient way excluding classes.I had to use intrinsic keyword before.btw,Is there a method to exclude whole package,(mx.core or mx.controls …)

  6. Patrick Whittingham says:

    good point icee, i wish the next version had an option to exclude class/methods/properties within itself, so i didn’t have to change a xml file. This would provide ‘thin’ components and speed the delivery time. Do you hear me Mike…:)Pat

  7. edi says:

    “Page Does Not Exist”

  8. Zarate says:

    Hello!The link to the LiveDocs still didn’t work. But i find that post of Martijn de Visser:http://www.martijndevisser.com/archives/000034.phpHTH!