Do you use Flash MX 2004 (not Pro)?

Do you use Flash MX 2004 (not Pro) and want to help Macromedia test a few things out? If so, send an email to with the subject “Flash MX 2004”.

2 Responses to Do you use Flash MX 2004 (not Pro)?

  1. voon says:

    Great! Flash now can support PHP and MYSQL (backend/ server-side scripting) is must more effecient. However, i am still evaluating the security of action script.When the information/data is passing from falsh to php page, i was wonder can it be encrpyted in SSL? Man in the middle attack might happen…However, flash is one of my favourite designing tool, because it is interesting and attractive.

  2. Andres says:

    In a future Flash could be closer to php as .Net and java are today, i mean Will Flah have tools exclusively to php and MySQL.