Flash Team Weblog / Info on Ellipsis Update

In case you haven’t noticed, the Flash Team has launched a weblog:


Mike Downey made a post with information on why the team started the weblog.

Right now, we are going to be posting information about Ellipsis (an upcoming free update to Flash MX 2004).

We have already posted information about one of the issues addressed in Ellipsis:

#87305 : Compile time degrades over time

The ultimate goal of the weblog is to get more information out, sooner, and provide a way for the Flash Team to communicate directly with the community (and vice – versa).

You can view the weblog here.

One Response to Flash Team Weblog / Info on Ellipsis Update

  1. I really enjoy Flash MX 2004 but it seems that with every new addition the big softwarecompanies releases for our favorite software’s we have worked for years there is just a continues downgrade in the reliability of those software’s and trying to create something gets harder and more frustrating due to the fact these software’s are coming out with so many bug’s and crushing all the time for that reason or another and it’s not just macromedia you can find it happening with adobe products as well, I just wish they would focus on creating a workspace for developers where they can sit down and create and not hassle all day with the development bug’s as there is nothing more upsetting that having to deal with the software’s bug’s on top of the owns we developers do!