Flash Update (7.2 / Ellipsis) is Available

Flash Update (7.2 / Ellipsis) is Available

The second update to Flash MX 2004 is now avaliable from macromedia.com. This brings Flash up to version 7.2, and focuses on a number of areas:

  • Performance / Stability / Resource Usage
  • Usability / Annoying Bugs
  • Components
  • Documentations

In total, over 120 bugs were fixed.

I have written an article that discusses Ellipsis, some of the issues that caused us to need to do two updates to Flash, as well as changes at Macromedia to help ensure we don’t make the same mistakes again.

What is the Significance of Ellipsis?

In addition, we have a bunch of new articles on the DevNet Center with information about Ellipsis:

Note : Before you install Ellipsis, READ THE RELEASE NOTES. This will help ensure that you don’t run into any issues when updating.

You can also find a complete list of issues fixed in Ellipsis in the release notes.

You can find more information, as well as download Ellipsis from here.

I will be posting more through out the next couple of days with more information on Ellipsis.

11 Responses to Flash Update (7.2 / Ellipsis) is Available

  1. Robrecht says:

    When this new release will be available for Linux ?The 7.2 for Linux will resolve the problem with japonese, chinese and arab font ?

  2. mike chambers says:

    >When this new release will be available for Linux ?Flash Authoring is currently not available for Linux. Arre you thinking of the Flash Player?mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  3. Nik Khilnani says:

    Thanks for the Ellipses article… looks like there has been a lot of changes at MM, new mgmt for Flash and so on… seems liek there were a few problems behind the scenes, hope the changes you guys are working on work out wellthanks..nik

  4. John says:

    My favorite update feature >>>The component list is “closed” by default. yeah!!! That really annoyed me.. now I am happy again. 🙂

  5. Richard T-J says:

    As it seems the norm to disable all extensions when updating (Dreamweaver 7.01 and now Flash 7.02), could the next release of Extension Manager come with the ability to either select multiple to disable, or the option to disable all?I don’t know what the norm is, but I seem to have quite a few extensions loaded, and it takes awhile.Cheers,Richard(btw, when are you in Sydney next? (as indicated on your location indicator on the front page))

  6. Domi says:

    The Help inside Flash MX 2004 is still not available! There’s a panel with topics but i can’t see any content!I work on OS X (10.3.4).Any idea?Thanks,Domi

  7. jfalcon says:

    well i’ve been badmouthing macromedia ever since mx 2004 came out cause it was crap, and then the 7.0.1 update was crap … but it seems like you guys have gotten it together finally and made something useful again … thanks for making Flash a useable app for us OS X users … my key commands are back (so far) and i don’t have to wait all day for something to undo or deselect … i feel like i can actually get some work done now

  8. Peter Strømberg says:

    For those of us who installed the FMX 2004 tryout for 30 days and decidely (wisely, methinks) not to update, will it be possible to try Ellipsis for 30 days before splashing the cash?

  9. took macromedia a long time to come to the right conclusion. now just keep on going in that direction…

  10. m sedlowsky says:

    I’m running a OSX (10.3.4) on a G5 1.8 and I noticed when installing the update that it updated the Flash player in my browsers.Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part, but some of my flash applications that I built seem to run faster now. Can anyone confirm if the updated Flash player (which is only available for the OSX) speeds up the frame playback rate in OSX?

  11. Robrecht says:

    With Ellipsis there is an update of the Player. When there is an equivalent update for Flash on Linux ? Especially about the correction of the display (rather no-display) of the chinese, japanese and arab fonts …