Installing English Ellipsis on Non-English versions of Flash

If you are running a non-English version of Flash MX 2004, do not install the English version of the recent update. If you do, something will probably act funny.

Localized versions of the updater will be out shortly.

4 Responses to Installing English Ellipsis on Non-English versions of Flash

  1. Carl-Alexandre Malartre says:

    I’m wondering why does it install in the first place then? Isnt there a conditional check in the updater?I think that separation from the english version and the international version is confusing to the public. 8Ball should1) AutoUpdate2) Be the same for everyone

  2. I deinstalled my german version, installed an english Trailversion, registrated it and installed Ellipsis. But unfortunately I have a problem with the help content now.I dont get any updates.

  3. Henning Martens says:

    One thing that is REALLY annoying:When MX2004 came out I had to wait three months for my localized (German) version – thought OK then I’ll upgrade to the English version but it’s not allowed! How stupid is that!? I can do crossplatform upgrades but cannot switch my language version!? Well I could sell my German Version, throw some money in the bin and buy the English version just to make sure I have the latest version at the same time like _everybody_ else. What did I tell my clients ? “Yeah cool we could use all the new video features for that CD-ROM… do you still need that job done in like three months? No you don’t, well…” See what I mean? I’d really like to see improvements on that issue. Thanks.

  4. mark winterhalder says:

    Markus,i did (almost) the same thing, and haven’t noticed any problems yet.i uninstalled my german version, installed the new english trial and my license key worked. the trial was 7.2 right away, so no need to run the updater. maybe you should reinstall without it.oh, and it *did* check for the language version and prevented me from updating. that’s why i went through the trouble of uninstalling and reinstalling in the first place.mark