Lack of Updates and an Update

Sorry for the lack of delays lately, I have been pretty busy with a couple of projects and haven’t had a chance to post much on my weblog.

So, what has been going on? Well, first and foremost, I have really been focusing on Ellipsis, the upcoming update to Flash MX 2004. I won’t go into much detail on this just yet, but you can find a lot more info on the FlashTeam weblog, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear some information on it at the FlashForward keynote this week in New York City.

Speaking of FlashForward, I have also been spending a lot of time getting ready for it. I am not doing any sessions this time around, but I have been working on a couple of things, including the keynote, and a QA session with the Flash team.I’ll actually be in New York for about 2 weeks. The first week is for FlashForward, and the second week will be for customer visits. The Flash Team is spending a lot of time traveling lately, meeting with customers, finding out what features they want for the next full version of Flash (and how we should implement them). We have already done a round of visits in San Francisco, will be doing New York next week, and will be future waves in Japan, Europe and the US. More info on this in the next couple of weeks.I also recently switched back to Mac, and am really loving it. The only thing I am missing is a text editor that supports tabbed documents, and my Flash Resource Manager. Since I plan to be on a Mac for some time, I figured I would just have to learn some Objective-C and Cocoa, and bring Flash Resource Manager to the Mac. It will probably be a while before it is out, but it is something that I am definitely going to be working on over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, look for a smaller app in the next week or so (no hints on what it will be).So, again, sorry for the lack of posts lately. Things will probably pick up in the next week or two, once things settle down from the New York City trip. In the meantime, make sure to check out the FlashTeam weblog. It is being updated every day with additional information on Ellipsis.

7 Responses to Lack of Updates and an Update

  1. Stephen Tallent says:

    While I am sure you will enjoy learning ObjC and Cocoa, I would also recommend exploring Mono, which will allow you to compile and run your existing C# classes on OS X. We have been working with it a fair amount and it works surprisingly well for non-gui stuff. Gui stuff can be a bit of a challenge due to winelib on OS X being a bit behind the linux versions, but still very very cool being able to do .net on OS X.

  2. mike chambers says:

    Yep. I have played around with Mono, and it works pretty well, unless (as you mentioned) you want to due GUI apps.Since Objective-C is also cross platform, I can write command line apps with it and target multiple platforms, plus, I can probably get better performance since it is a little lower lever. Of course, what you don’t get is the .NET framework (or what mono has implemented), which seems to do just about everything for you.mike

  3. Jenny Price says:

    What I would really like the Flash team to keep in mind is that additional components are always welcome but the major factor in developing any Flash application is the ability to work with current components that seems to become coming out with more bug’s with every new release of Flash which makes it really frustrating for developers as they tend to go back to older versions which are more stable and reliable when trying to develop complex scripting!

  4. Paul Solomon says:

    I would love to go back to using my Mac but Flash is so much easier to use on a PC. Some of the things that make using flash on a PC easier for me are: tabbed working docs when maximized, everything is in one window and you do not have to individually drag around every panel like you do on a Mac, the actions panel seems to work a lot better on a PC, on the Mac the actions panel gets in the way and the its depth seems to stay on top of everything else including save dialogs, and overall performance does not match up to a PC, especially the Flash player. Another thing is that a lot of 3rd party tools are PC only (i.e. Primal Script and like you mentioned, the Flash Resource Manager).

  5. Jenny Price says:

    Another thing I would like the Flash team working on Ellipsis update to address is the fact that though new releases of flash have much better interface and much more components and a much faster Flash plug-in, companies who wish to develop serious applications using flash tend to use older flash releases as the majority of users have older Flash v5.0 plug-in and those companies want as broad audience as they can have and wont use the new components if they are not supported by older Flash v5.0 plug-in which are the most commonly installed as they stick with the golden roll tuning into the masses and not the latest technology!This is even a requirement of a lot of advertising publishers who show flash banners on their sites to only use Flash v4.0 in order to get to as much audience as they possibly can!

  6. Tom Grant says:

    I would like to see flash mx 2004 be a lot more stable on the mac. I just had work shell at the money to buy me a new g5. And what do I find? I crash like 5 times an hour in flash.It was a really crappy release on the mac.Please fix!!

  7. Andrew says:

    Hi Mike, i am very interested in this new “update”, but i would want to ask u, the new flash if it can be called “new” will be different in the skin, tools etc.?, and other thing do u think that there will be a space for the php like .Net has. I like what Flash is im still a junior programmer, so that i think Flash like a USB a universal things creator. well thats all(excuse my english)