New ASO Cache Clearing Commands

The Flash Updater (Ellipsis) includes a new File API for JSFL which I used to put together a couple of commands that make it easy to clear your ASO cache. This comes in handy if your class files and ASO files ever get out of sync.

There are two commands included:

  • Clear ASO Cache – Clears ASO Cache
  • Clear ASO Cache and Compile – Clears ASO Cache and Test Movie

The commands require Flash 7.2.

You can download them from here.

5 Responses to New ASO Cache Clearing Commands

  1. untereiner laurent says:

    Why class files and ASO files are not sync ?I’m on Mac OSX and I must run your command (clear and compile) every time before testing my application…the first time the compiler return a lot of error, the first message is:**Error** Mac OS X:Users:lun:Library:Application Support:Macromedia:Flash MX Line 7: The name of this class, ‘TextField’, conflicts with the name of another class that was loaded.But after this command, when compiling another time it work fine, all are sync and no more error????

  2. Andrew Blair says:

    My team was getting this problem, when working on a site, sharing .as files over the network, using Dreamweaver. The aso thing was partly related, but only one piece in a bigger picture. That error message was happening though to perfectly good files. here’s my post from UltraShock below:I think I’ve been able to target the problem:Flash gives the error when it finds that the your class file has a modification/creation date that is in the future, relative to your computer’s clock. So, if the file reads that it was modified Oct 2, and today is Oct 1, then flash will create the error message. Weird, but I’ve tried mucking with the date on the commandline using ‘touch’ (Linux / Unix / OS X). If I set the mod/creat date to 1 minute before the current time, the error goes away, and you can publish successfully. If you set it to 1 minute later than the current time, it gives the error.Now, if you save your class file, it’s going to have the present modification/creation date like it’s supposed to. If you upload the file using an ftp client other than Dreamweaver like NCFTP or Cyberduck or D1FTP, whaterver, I tried a few, then the local file is not modified and retains the mod/creat date that it had when you saved. When you upload, why SHOULD the local file change? It shouldn’t right? Right. I’m finding that in Dreamweaver (Tested: Dreamweaver MX 6.1 (Mac OS X 10.2) and Dreamweaver MX 2004 7.0 – 7.0.1 (WIN XP-PRO)), when uploading a file (tried a couple different servers whos clock is set correctly), for some reason after uploading, the local mod/creat date (time actually) of the file gets changed to something later than what my local computer’s clock reads! It seems arbitrary too. At 3pm, it was setting my clock to 6pm, and at 4pm, it was setting it to 8, so i guess maybe it’s duplicating the time. You can get rid of the error by making a change to the file, and saving it, thus bringing the creat/mod time back to something true, which Flash then doesn’t have a problem with. You won’t notice the error immediately after uploading with Dreamweaver because Flash senses that the guts of the file – your code – haven’t changed, so it uses a compiled version in the aso folder. Clear your aso files, and it will read from the future file, generating the error. I’d be interested to see how many others can replicate this.

  3. labs says:

    A big THANK YOU, Andrew!!!

  4. Hay thanks, I just changed the timezone on my computer then after clearing my ASO files I got that error. Updated my class by making a tiny change and saving it. All fixed. Thanks.

  5. tim says:

    mike chambers you is teh winnerwhat an awesome componentyou pwn flash