New Editor for OSX : Smultron

Eric Dolecki pointed me toward a new editor on OS X, weirdly named Smultron. Regardless of its name though, it is a pretty good editor, which has support for multiple documents within the same panel / window. It has all of the basics you would expect from an editor, and also appears to have built in support for ActionScript.

It is written in Cocoa and is open source, so if I can ever get it to compile, maybe I will add some more ActionScript support.

If you are on OS X and doing Flash development, you should definately check this out.

You can find more info, as well as download the editor from here.

9 Responses to New Editor for OSX : Smultron

  1. ericd says:

    Mike, I wasn’t able to compile because of a barf asking for an executable present. What I did was delete the file from the project list of files (will show as red after an attempted Build & Run) – and I also put a full-version of it in the build directory just to be safe. I still can’t Build & Run, but I can build… and it compiles the executable just fine. It’s a little backwards but it does work. I placed some text in the Prefs panel to test to make sure it was really compiling and it was. Hope this helps.

  2. mike chambers says:

    Sweet. Thanks eric. That fixed it. I can compile it now.mike

  3. Matt says:

    Are there any plans to make the Flash for Mac use tabbed pages and less free floating pods? Workflow is so much smoother on a PC for those reasons.

  4. Todd Dominey says:

    Love the support for code snippets, and the bundling of documents into Projects. Very promising.

  5. mike chambes says:

    >Are there any plans to make the Flash for Mac use tabbed pages and less free floating pods? Workflow is so much smoother on a PC for those reasons.Yes. This is something we are definitely looking into.mike

  6. How about an expose-type solution for Flash? there are so many panels in the app, that you need expose just to manage working in Flash… (tabs would certainly help though)MTPS: thanks for the tip. the editor looks very good…PPS: If you haven’t seen Quicksilver, it’s a reason in and of itself to use OS X:

  7. Will Prater says:

    Nice one. I have been using subEthaEdit which I like, however, always will to find some alternatives. Cocoa is a must. I am not really into the Java or Python alternatives.

  8. Will Prater says:

    Well, it appears to have some opportunities. I set my background color to black and my cursor is not visible. 🙁 Also I wish they would use the standard indent/outdnet commands cmd-[ cmd-].One feature that I really miss from the Pepper days is the comment/uncomment command. Which the plugins could set for comment types etc.I still have to look into this programs extensibility. You say you need to recompile to redefine Definition files? The Modes in SubEthaEdit are amazing and support multiple font types (bold, italics) with the file.Truck on!

  9. Peter Borg says:

    Hi!You need to build the smultron (lowercase, command-line utility) target first and then build the Smultron (uppercase, application) target. The reason for this is that smultron (lowercase) is copied into the applicaton bundle of Smultron (uppercase) and thus needs to be compiled. I haven’t found a way to “link” their compilation without making copies of the classes.The cursor will get the same colour as the text in the next release.You don’t need to recompile to change the definition file. If you open the application bundle you will find all the .plist files in the Resources folder and if you edit this one it will read from it the next time you open a document that uses that definition.Thanks for the kind words!Peter Borg